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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Theme:  ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER.  A catchy ad phrase is reinterpreted as statements that can lead to a continuing conversation.  Do any of you have friends who can ramble on and on.? If so, you might dread hearing these words. 

17. "Wait, there's more ... " : COME TO THINK OF IT.  Darn, he thought of something else.

27. "Wait, there's more ... " : BEFORE I FORGET.  Drat, too late.

50. "Wait, there's more ... " : THAT REMINDS ME.  Well, doesn't everything?

65. "Wait, there's more ... " : AND ANOTHER THING.  Uh-oh.  Now he's on a roll.

No unifier, but the common clue fills that function.  And the theme fill really need no explanation.

Today's Theme Song

Hi, Gang -- JazzBumpa here with a nice puzzle by the veteran team of Gail and Bruce.  I'll try not to get carried away with a boring exposition.

1. Windows precursor : MS DOS.  PC operating systems.

6. Hard-to-control groups : MOBS.  Large and disorderly crowds.

10. Forensic investigator's item : SWAB.  An absorbent pad or other item used for collecting samples to be analyzed. 

14. Advil alternative : ALEVE.  Analgesics.  Advil is ibuprofen; ALEVE is naproxin.

15. Pair on a lake : OARS.  In a boat on a lake.

16. Place to slog through : MIRE.  Swamp, bog, fen.

20. Hullabaloo : STIR.  Much ado about something.

21. Barry White genre : SOUL.

22. Dossier cover? : ALIAS.    A dossier is a collection of documents about a particular event, subject, or, in this case, person.  An ALIAS is an alternate name or false identity, which is, in some sense, a cover.  Still, this entry is not working for me.  Am I being dumb?

23. "Boy, am I dumb!" : D'OH.

25. Touch the ground : LAND.   In an aircraft, presumably at an airport.  Vide infra.

33. Airline with the MileagePlus frequent flier prog. : UAL.  Formerly United Airlines.

34. Ole Miss rival : 'BAMA.  Universities on Mississippi and Alabama, respectively.  I think they might have football teams.

35. Customs collection : TARIFF.  An import tax

38. Golf lesson subject : GRIP.  The proper way of holding the club.

40. Charmin layer : PLY.  Tissue layers.

42. Black & Decker rival : SKIL.  Power tools.

43. Dapper : SPRUCE.  I was familiar with the usage as noun and verb, but not adjective.  It is, however, legit.  Neat, smart, or stylish in appearance.

46. Gave up for money : SOLD.  Past tense of the verb "to sell."  Curiously, in Old English, ca. 10th century, this verb meant to give as a gift.

49. Irritated state : IRE.   Having one's dander up.

53. Brainy Simpson : LISA.  Sadly, I could not find a video to verify this concept.

54. Not within walking distance : FAR.  You might need a lift

55. One needing a lift : SKIER.   Clever.  Besides, neither hitchhiker nor Arthur Dent fit.

58. "__ Girl": 2014 Affleck film : GONE.

Does not look like a lot of fun

61. Battery terminal sign : PLUS.  Indicates the positive terminal.

68. D.C. dealers : POLS.  politicians.

69. Hawaiian coffee district : KONA.   On the western part of the Big Island.

70. Put a cap on : LIMIT.

71. Eye woe : STYE.  A bacterial infection of an oil gland at the edge of the eyelid.

73. Stops bleeding : CLOTS.  Clotting is part of homeostasis.


1. Apple Store array : MACS.  Along with iPads, iPods, and iWatches.   I am blogging from my Macbook Pro with Retina Display.

2. Job opening : SLOT.  A position to be filled.  Derived from the Old French word for bosom cleavage.

3. Prefix with goddess : DEMI.  A lower ranking divine personage.

4. Go to extremes : OVERDO.  As, for example, a speaker exemplifying today's theme.

5. Complete collection : SET.  

6. Con __: briskly, on scores : MOTO.  Literally, with motion, thus, to be performed in a lively manner.   I just do whatever the conductor wants.

7. Iolani Palace site : OAHU.  In Honolulu.

8. Estracell sponge brand : BRILLO.  Soap infused steel wool pad.

9. Phishing fig. : SSN.   Social Security Number.  Phishing is a particular kind of internet scam, where the perp poses as legitimate financial company to extract one's personal data, such as SS number.

10. Does a slow burn : SMOLDERS.  Generates smoke, but no flame.  Figuratively, is experiencing but [more or less] containing anger. 

11. Surfing convenience : WIFI.   For internet surfing.  The term refers to a wireless connection, and is derived from "wireless" plus "fi," an arbitrary second element, thus similar in form to hi-fi.

12. Opera showstopper : ARIA.  Featured vocal solo.

13. Gets in the pool, maybe : BETS.  Makes a wager in a  betting pool.

18. Milo of the movies : O'SHEA.

19. She adopted Tigger : KANGA.   Friends of a certain silly bear.  I do not Pooh-pooh this kind of trivia.

24. Top of a scepter, perhaps : ORB.   Not every scepter has one.

26. Part of MoMA : ART.  Museum of Modern ART

27. Perturbs : BUGS.

28. O.K. Corral gunfighter : EARP.  The EARP brothers, Virgil, Morgan and Wyatt along with Doc Holiday were on one side against Billy Claiborn, Ike and Billy Clanton and Tom and Frank McLaury. The combatants were only a few feet apart, and the incident was over in a matter of seconds.  It took place at a narrow vacant lot next to a photographer's shop, not at or adjacent to the eponymous corral. Probably the most famous gunfight in the history of the old west, but it was not well known to the American people until 50 years later.

29. Toy (with), as an idea : FLIRT.   Not the first thing that comes to mind when I consider the word "FLIRT."   I guess this is the point where the idea is playfully suggestive [or suggestively playful] but not yet given serious consideration. 

30. Sitter's challenge : IMP.   In Middle English, a child of a noble family.  Somehow, this morphed into a child of The Devil - sort of a demi-daemon.  Now diluted to mean an unruly child. 

31. Quiz answer : FALSE.  If the question is of the True-FALSE variety.

32. Maori carvings : TIKIS.  Check them out.

36. Unshakable : FIRM.   Literally, to physical objects; figuratively to resolute concepts and those who hold them.

37. Cut and run : FLEE.  Escape

A flea and a fly in a flue
Were imprisoned, so what could they do?
Said the fly, "let us FLEE!"
"Let us fly!" said the flea.
So they flew through a flaw in the flue.

--Ogden Nash

39. "Don't make me laugh!" : PUH-LEASE.  Exaggerated pronunciation of PLEASE, for dramatically dismissive affect.

41. __ Kippur : YOM.  Falling on the 10th day of Tishri, this is among the most important high holidays of the Jewish faith.  It is the day of judgement, remembrance and atonement.  [Help me out here if I didn't get this quite right.]

44. Stone monument : CAIRN.  For millennia, they have been used as landmarks, grave markers, in astronomy, or for other ceremonial purposes.

45. UFO fliers, purportedly : ETS.   Extra-Terrestrials in Unidentified Flying Objects.

47. Career officer : LIFER.

48. Forensic investigator's molecule : DNA.  Deoxyribonucleic Acid.  It's in all your cells, and you leave it everywhere, perhaps to be collected on SWABS.

51. Convertible, in slang : RAGTOP.

52. Adviser who was a regular "Oprah" guest : DR. PHIL McGraw.

55. Enervates : SAPS.  Depletes of energy.

56. Feature of some paneling : KNOT.

57. In a laid-back manner : IDLY.

59. Words of dismay : OH NO.

60. Straightened up : NEAT.  SPRUCE; or even better -- without ice.  Oh, yes!

62. Wedding rental : LIMO.  Fancy, multi-passenger hired car, complete with driver.

63. Combat group : UNIT.

64. LAPD ranks : SGTS.  Sergeants in the Los Angeles Police Department 

66. Puts one's initials on : OK'S.  Short form seal of approval.

67. Pampering, for short : TLC.  Tender Loving Care - mom's specialty.

There it is, as succinct as I could make it.  Hope it gets your seal of approval.

Cool regards!
JzB [my ALIAS]

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

L.A.Times Crossword Puzzle Blogging

Wedneday, April 29, 2015 Ed Sessna

Theme: WHY AREN'T YOU IN BED? or WHY iS THERE A TV IN YOUR BED ROOM?  The first words of the theme answers are the first names of a sequence of hosts for a TV show that airs too late to stay up for - at least for me in my time zone.

17 A. *Knave in a black suit : JACK OF CLUBS.   A most excellent clue!  In Britain, and among bridge players,  the Jack of a card suite is known as the knave.  This guy's counterpart is the JACK of Spades, offering another theme opportunity, depending on how many letters were needed.  The host referred to is JACK Parr [1957-62], who got into a big dust-up with the network suits for making a joke about a toilet.

24 A. *Griddle-cooked corn bread : JOHNNY CAKE.  Southern fried fare, and the iconic, always impeccably dressed JOHNNY CARSON [1962-92.]

38 A. *Symbol of nakedness : JAY BIRD.  If you ever wondered where this expression came from, here is your answer.  In my 'ute, a common insult, slightly bowdlerized was," If you stuck your brains in the hindquarters of a JAY bird, he'd still fly backwards."  JAY Leno [1992-2009, 2010-14] is known for his car collection and his chin.

48 A. *Like a well-made lock : JIMMY PROOF.  A JIMMY is a short pry-bar used to force open a door or window, and by extension a device to force open a lock.  JIMMY Fallon [2014 - ] is the current host of the program yet to be identified.

If you haven't sussed it by now, the unifier completely gives it away.   60 A. With "The," post-prime time fare since the '50s, four of whose regular hosts appear in sequence in the answers to starred clues : TONIGHT SHOW.  Since its inception in 1954, this is the longest running regularly scheduled talk and entertainment program on U.S. TV.  Not included in this list are the first host, the brilliant Steve Allen, [1954-7] and Conan O'Brien [7+ months spanning 2009-10] whose short stint was sandwiched between Jay Leno's two runs.  Carson had the longest tenure, but Leno had the greatest number of hosted episodes. 

Hi gang, JazzBumpa here.  Not really a TV maven, but I assume everyone knows about this program and its roster of celebrity hosts.  Let's get through this quickly so I can go to bed at a decent hour.


1. Senate electee : MEMBER.  One who joins, or in this case is [s]elected to be in a group or organization.

7. Russia-Manchuria border river : AMUR.  The world's 10th longest river meanders generally west to east, making the border between the Russian far east and northeastern China.

11. Simile center : AS A.  Right now I'm feeling smart AS A mule.

14. Esoteric : ARCANE.   Secret, mysterious and/or understood by few.

15. Without help : LONE.  

Four and a half minutes of misery

16. Amendments 1-10 subj. : RTS.  The Bill of Rights from the U.S. Constitution.

19. Prefix with state : TRI-.  Referring to a town, city or region that encompasses parts of three states.  There are several such in the U. S.  

20. Maldives landform : ATOLL.  A ring shaped coral archipelago.  The Maldives islands are one such, located in the Indian Ocean, 470 miles south west of Sri Lanka.

21. Taxi pickup : FARE.  Here is a not at all typical example. 

A sad smile, just the same [6:40]

22. Corrosive compound : ACID.  In either of a couple different senses.

23. Tofu source : SOYA.  Glop made from bean curd.

26. By way of : VIA.

28. Former Yankee manager who's now an MLB exec : TORRE.  Joe, who managed the Mets from 1987 to 81, Braves from '82 to 84, Cardinals from '90 to '95, Yankees from 1996 to 2007, and Dodgers from 2008 to 10.  

29. Comedy team who voiced the Piel Brothers of beer fame : BOB AND RAY.  

BOB AND RAY, the Two and Only 

35. Things to avoid : NO-NOS.  Just ask Nanette.

37. Goya's year : ANO.   En Español y sin tilde.

40. Clinker in a Glas : EIS.  And now,  in German, ICE in a glass.  Tin Man, just skip this one.

41. India's first prime minister : NEHRU.  Jawaharlal, in office from 1947 to 1964.

43. Pulitzer-winning WWII journalist : ERNIE PYLE. He died in combat in Okinawa on April 18, 1945.

45. Learns : HEARS.  Well, that is one way to learn.  If you listen.

47. Casual day, perhaps: Abbr. : FRIday.  Dress down day at work.  I never could get myself to wear denims, though.

52. Low-__ diet : CARB.  A la Atkins.

56. Big name in elevators : OTIS.  Big name in crosswords, too, though he had his ups and downs.

57. N.Y. commuter line with a Hempstead Branch : LIRR.  Long Island Rail Road.

58. Malia's sister : SASHA.  Obama, first and second daughters, respectively.

59. Flight-tracking fig. : ETA.  Estimated Time of Arrival.

62. Craving : YEN.    Derived from obsolete English argot for opium craving.   Meanwhile, I considered going to Japan, but didn't have the Yen to travel.

63. Some Alcan Highway pumps : ESSO.  Canadian petrol brand.

64. Email again : RESEND.

65. Soon-to-be grads: Abbr. : SRS.  Last year's JRS.

66. Afterwards : THEN.  Refers to the ensuing subsequent event that followed.

67. "__ End": 1970-'71 Streisand hit : STONEY.  

I forgot about this one


1. Subjects of two Goya paintings : MAJAS.  Anything worth doing is worth doing twice - right?

2. Muse for Millay : ERATO.  The muse of lyric poetry, especially of the romantic erotic, or perhaps even BAWDY variety.  Her name, meaning "desired" or "lovely," derives from the same root as Eros.  This muse is especially appropriate for Edna St. Vincent Millay, who was both a Pulitzer Prize winning poet and wildly promiscuous.

3. Kelley's "Star Trek" role : McCOY.  

4. Syrup-topped pastry : BAKLAVA.  Filo dough, nuts and honey.

5. Organic compound : ENOL.  This always bothers me, first, because the clue is so vague - there are literally millions of organic compounds, and second, because enols are inherently unstable, and quickly transforms into ketones.

6. One who whistles while he works : REFeree.  Cute clue

7. God of Islam : ALLAH.   Same God as Christians and Jews, just a different name.

8. Grieve : MOURN.

9. Not having yielded : UNBENT.  House Martell of Dorne has this motto as it's House Words: "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken."

10. Hi-__ image : RESolution - clarity of image, having nothing in particular to do with New Year's Eve..

11. Ed Norton player : ART CARNEY.  From the Jackie Gleason sit-com, The Honeymooners; not to be confused with Ed Norton, the actor who played the un-named protagonist in the movie Fight Club.

This guy, being shown the door

12. Drill successfully : STRIKE OIL.  My dentist did some drilling a couple weeks ago.  Nothing this exciting ensued, I'm happy to say.

13. Parenthetical comment : ASIDE.  A comment a stage-play character makes to the audience, rather than as part of dialogue; or more generally, a comment in a text that is ancillary to the main topic.

18. Fiscal exec : CFO.  Chief Financial Officer.

22. Phobia lead-in : ACRO-.   Fear of heights.  I can relate.

24. Actress Pinkett Smith : JADA.  Veteran of many movies and TV shows, including the voice of Gloria the Hippo in the animated Madagascar movies.

25. Over there : YONDER.

27. Strain or sprain : INJURY.

29. Interdict : BAN.

30. Game that's close to perfect : ONE HITTER.  A baseball game in which the pitcher gives up only one hit to the opposing team.   In a perfect game, there are no hits and no walks.

31. Dvorák and Smetana : BOHEMIANS.   Two gentlemen from that geographic region in the Czech Republic, rather than the artsy-fartsy proto-hippies of the 19th century.  Though both were composers, so who knows. 

32. Deli option : RYE.  Bread.  Of course, there are also RYE whiskey, and RYE beer, for the trifecta.  

33. Like many dicts. : ABR.  I guess "dict." is the ABReviation for "dictionary," but I'm have a hard time making sense of this entry.

34. Feminine force : YIN.  The make counterpart is Yang.

36. Kalamazoo-to-Cincinnati dir. : SSE.  South-South-East.  There's also a song about Kalamazoo, which has been my ear worm for about the past month.

Everything's O-K- . . .  

39. Jazz solo : RIFF.  Not really.  It's more of an ostinato phrase that might support an improvisation.  Here's a classic example.

Frank Rosolino on the trombone solo

42. Lambs' kin : RAMS.  The kids' dads and uncles.

44. Artist who had a Blue Period : PICASSO.  Pablo had his blue period from 1901-4, painting mostly in shades of blue.  These works were unpopular at the time, but are very popular now.

46. Jumping-in-puddles sound : SPLOSH.  Not SPLISH nor SPLASH?

All wet

48. Young hoppers : JOEYS.  Kangaroo offspring.

49. Car wash cycle : RINSE.   Heavy metal laundry.

50. Hunter seen at night : ORION.   The constellation that is home to Rigel and Betelgeuse.

51. Kin of gov : ORG.  Two top level domain url suffixes, for government agencies and organizations, respectively.   The ".org" designation was originally intended for non-profits, but now includes other types of organizations such as schools, opens source projects, and communities.

53. Pale : ASHEN.

54. French wine region : RHONE.  I southern France along the Rhone river, where wine grapes have been cultivated since around the year 600 A.D.

55. Off-color : BAWDY.   Lewd, or, more specifically, dealing with sexual matters in a humorous way.

58. Editor's mark : STET.  From the Latin for "let it stand," indicating that a previously noted editorial change should be ignored.

60. Vietnamese holiday : TET.  The lunar new year.

61. Billing nos. : HRS.  For attorneys and other professionals who bill according to time spent on a project. 

Well, that wraps it up.  Good puzzle, nice theme, well executed, albeit with a couple questionable entries.  Hope you didn't lose any sleep over it.

Cool regards!


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

L. A. Times Crossword puzzle Blogging

Wednesday, March 8, 2015  D. Scott Nichols & C.C. Burnikel

Theme - THE WEARIN' O' THE GREEN.  Nope - nothing to do with St. Pat - that was last month. In fact, this puzzle, for reasons that will soon become clear, is much more timely than that.  I'm referring to the iconic item of apparel given to the winner of a sporting event which will be identified shortly.

17 A. Hold banned in amateur wrestling : FULL NELSON.  This hold is more easily pictured than described.

Byron NELSON was the winner of the subject event in 1937 and 1942, the latter in a playoff with Ben Hogan - before my time.

24 A. Premier League athlete : SOCCER PLAYER.  The English Premier League is where professionals play a sport known as "football" most everyplace except here in the U.S.  Gary PLAYER, from South Africa was the winner in 1961, 1974 and 1978.

40 A. Innocents : BABES IN THE WOODS.  This is the title of a gruesome traditional childrens' tale, first published in 1595, then passed into every-day speech to indicate any inexperienced or unwary persons thrust into hazardous situations.  Tiger WOODS is perhaps more famous now for his adventurous personal life that his sporting feats; but he once dominated his sport, and won the subject event in 1997, 2001, 2002, and 2005. Looks like he will participate this year.

52. Influential teams : POWER COUPLES.  From the Urban Dictionary: "A couple who seems to have a fairy tale romance. Also, both parties involved in the power couple have tremendous influence over people around them because of their devastating good looks* and seemingly perfect relationship with their significant other. 

*the most common type of power couple is between a male athlete and an actress and/or singer."

Fred COUPLES, the only one-time winner in the puzzle, took the prize in 1992.

It should be obvious by now that the the sport is golf, and the unifier gives us the event.  65A. April golf tournament, four of whose winners appear in 17-, 24-, 40- and 52-Across : THE MASTERS tournament, an event held every April at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, GA.  It is the first of golf's four major championships held in 2015.   Each year the winner is awarded the iconic green blazer.

This year's MASTERS starts tomorrow, so the puzzle is right on time. And did you notice the constructors?  Our own fearless leader and prolific puzzle maven C.C. along with Monday-Tuesday blogging stalwart, Santa Baby.  More feathers in the corner cap.   Yay team!

Let see if our friends have given us a rough time or treated us in a fair way.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Carpe Diem #699

Kristjaan tells us that in the Bhagavad Gita:

"Arjuna stood in the middle of the both armies and had a conversation with Krishna about life and death.

Arjuna becomes sad and depressed as he sees the enemy armies in which his friends, family-members and teachers are gathered. And he becomes anxious ... how can he fight against his best friends and family?

Having thus spoken in the midst of the battlefield, Arjuna, casting away his bow and arrow, sat down on the seat of the chariot with his mind overwhelmed with sorrow."

Krishna councils Arjuna on why he must stay and fight.

Krishna asserts that only one who has the capacity to be balanced in pleasure and pain alike is fit for immortality. Krishna goes on to tell Arjuna that if he refuses to fight and flees from the battle, people will be justified in condemning such action as unworthy of a warrior.

~  and  ~

Arjuna is eager to know the characteristics of a man who has a stable mind. Such a person, Krishna tells him, will have no desires at all. Since he is content within, having realized the Self, he is entirely free from desires. The consciousness of the Atman and abandonment of desires are simultaneous experiences.” 

For me, the last paragraph informs the preceding one in a way that is certainly not intended.

If Arjuna is wise, he will understand that the battle is antithetical to being in balance - it is all about desire - either for conquest or to avoid being conquered, to be alive and whole at the end of the day, or - worst of all - for honor, which is a manifestation of pure ego.  Further, he will realize that those who would condemn him for not acting as a warrior is expected to act are imposing their desires on him.

So - what is the balanced man to do? 

krishna has it wrong
battle is out of balance
and fraught with desire 


arjuna's wisdom
not caring what people think
he leaves the battle


Thursday, April 2, 2015

C D Special #140

"The goal is to write/compose an all new haiku inspired on the given haiku and in the same sense, tone and spirit as the given verse/haiku."

morning prayers
the rising sun between
my hands

© Kala Ramesh


westering sun falls
beneath the dense cloud blanket
michigan sunset

© JzB

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Carpe Diem #698

The chariot is a means of rapid conveyance, with it's use dedicated mostly - but not exclusively - to warfare.  It was also used for sports like hunting and racing, and also as a means of rapid, uncomfortable transport.

But I think of the chariot as a war machine; and in my view war is always about expropriation - the greed of one people to take away what another people have, be it land, material wealth, resources, or a population that can be reduced to slavery.

So I see the chariot as an instrument of evil.

charging quick as wind
these horses men and weapons
death and destruction


sons fathers brothers
all dead now ravaged by war
horses smell of blood


all that we had
gone with that wind blown malice
and now we are slaves


Carpe Diem Ghost Writer #41

The challenge is to use the given hokku as a springboard in writing a no renga of no more than 12 stanzas, with alternating 3 and 2 line form.  This should be based on associations that connect the stanzas in some way.  "The last link has to make the 'circle complete' and in that way has a link with the first verse. That last verse is called 'ageku'."


such a malice
cherry blossoms in full bloom
the Spring wind!

© Chèvrefeuille


such a malice
cherry blossoms in full bloom
the Spring wind!

pink petals in wild flight
a wonder to observe

destructive wind gust
incomprehensible blast
such force of nature

in the pink blossom glow
first touch of new lovers

in the swirling wind
trees uprooted - seeds scattered
the circle of life

under the swaying branches
the tickle of soft petals

birds on the wing
struggling against the wind
return to their nests

in the shelter of the trees
shudder of entwining limbs

calm after the storm
a spray of broken blossoms
pink petals scattered

at that quiescent moment
pink blossom glow - no malice

© JzB


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Carpe Diem #697

The Druids associated the willow with both water and the moon - enhancements for intuitive and psychic abilities, and therefore symbolic of inspired imagination than can lead to a clearer and deeper understanding of the world we live in.

The willow is also remarkably flexible and adaptable.  It's example reminds us to "keep growing and reaching higher, no matter where we're planted."

leafy arms outstretched
seeking both moon and water
what dreams can you bring


tested under stress
to bend but never to break
flexible willow


forlorn lover sighs
shelter me in your branches
willow weep for me


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Carpe Diem #696

dripping wet and nude
in a shower with no soap
a dreamy rain dance


plump sweet nudity
such voluptuous beauty
it’s only human


nobody i know

naked once again
remember long years ago
i was born this way


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

L. A. Times Crossword Puzzle Blogging

Wednesday, March 25, 2015  Carol Lachance

Theme: What makes you think my SPRINGs are dirty?  The theme answers all begin with things used in washing SPRINGS or possibly other things.

16 A. Like some watches : WATER RESISTANT.  Able to withstand some degree of immersion or soaking, because WATER PROOF is too difficult or expensive to achieve.  WATER - the source of all life, and most cleaning solutions.

22 A. Bath floater : SOAP BUBBLE.   As illustrated.   SOAP is the emulsifier that allows non-polar substances to mix with WATER, so you can CLEAN them up.

35. Patchwork plaything : RAG DOLL.  The cloth used for wiping up is often an old tee shirt or some other kind of RAG.  Alernatively, DOLLS can be made from them.

No extra charge for this musical interlude.

Four Seasons includes Spring

47 A. Running a marathon may be on it : BUCKET LIST.  Things to do before your time runs out and the bucket must be kicked. 

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World  

Running a marathon - or anything else - is not on mine.  A BUCKET can hold all the rest of the theme entries used in the unifier --

53. Project suggested by the starts of 16-, 22-, 35- and 47-Across : SPRING CLEANING.  Annual ritual of brightening up the home after the dreary shut-down months of winter.

Or this

Hi gang, JazzBumpa here to remind you that the calendar says it's SPRING, no matter what is going on outside your window.   Let's see if this puzzle is well seasoned, and whether we can clean it up.


1. Visits : STOPS AT.  

8. Legal test, familiarly : THE BAR.   Qualifying examination for prospective lawyers.

14. Reporter's needs : SOURCES.  People with information.

15. Punk rock surname : RAMONE.  A pseudonym adopted by all the band members. I never paid much attention.  Here is a rather innocuous example of their style.

California Sun

18. Cost-of-living fig. : CPI.  Consumer Price Index.  A relative measure of the prices paid by typical consumers for retail goods and other items, used to indicate the level of inflation. Denialists claim the the CPI grossly understates real inflation, but the independent Billion Prices Project actually tracks very well with it.

19. Feed in a bag : OATS.  Horse feed and cereal grain for humans.

20. "Am __ the right track?" : I ON.   Inquiry by one who is uncertain about how to proceed.  If you're cleaning, straightening and simplifying, I'd say yes.

26. Gumbo veggie : OKRA.  And crossword staple.

27. Nylons, fishnets, etc. : HOSIERY.  Leg coverings.

28. Petty squabbles : SPATS.

29. Penny-__ : ANTE.  Low stakes poker game, and by extension anything of little value.

30. "I'll have another" responder : BARKEEP.   Not the bar we spoke of earlier.  Libation provider in a tavern.

34. Neon, or fuel for a Neon : GAS.   Clever clue.  Neon is the GAS, i.e. vapor, in eponymous lamps, and GASoline is the fuel for the Neon, a now defunct Chrysler Corp. vehicle

36. Public image, briefly : REPutation.

39. Freaked out : GONE APE.  Lost it

40. One-eighties : UEYS.  U-turns - sharp turns into the opposite direction.

41. Freak out : SPOOK.  Frighten or startle - I suppose I could be spooked by a freak, but not by this clecho.

44. Shows proof of : EVINCES.  Provides evidence for.

46. Player with a record 14 100-RBI seasons : A-ROD.  He sat out last season, suspended for violating the MLB drug use policy.  Looks like he's back this year.

50. '90s "SNL" regular Meadows : TIM.

51. "__ Jim" : LORD.  Joseph Conrad novel from 1900.

52. Knack for snappy comebacks : WIT.   Quick and clever.

59. River through Toledo : MAUMEE.  The Muddy MAUMEE.  I've crossed this river thousands of time, twice as recently as Saturday.

60. Hall who won on "Celebrity Apprentice" in 2012 : ARSENIO.

61. Linen closet stack : SHEETS.  Bed coverings.

62. Jones with a diary : BRIDGET.  Played in the movie by Renee Zellweger, who, post surgery, no longer resembles herself - thus no picture.  I haz a sad.  


1. Cincinnati-to-Nashville dir. : SSW.

2. Shelley's "__ Skylark" : TO A.  Hail to thee, blithe Spirit! Etc, Etc  .  .  .

No extra charge for this musical interlude.


3. Pariahs : OUTCASTS.   Those who are socially shunned.  Derived from the lowest population caste in Southern India.

4. Private school student : PREPPIE.  Prep School attendee.

5. Parchment user : SCRIBE.   Record keeper.  Now it's all electrons.

6. Atmo- kin : AER-.  Prefix that denotes having to do with the air or the atmosphere.  Pretty Literal.

7. "Ash Wednesday" poet's monogram : TSE. Thomas Stearns Eliot [Sep 26, 1888 - Jan 4, 1965] American essayist, playwright, social critic and poet.

Because I do not hope to turn again
Because I do not hope
Because I do not hope to turn

8. __ by fire : TRIAL.  An ancient judicial practice to determine guilt or innocence by subjecting the accused to an arduous and dangerous task.  In these more enlightened times, merely the ability to perform well under pressure.

9. Speed : HASTE.  Be quick about it, now.

10. Ambulance VIPs : EMTS.  Emergency Medical Technicians are trained to respond quickly to emergency situations regarding medical issues, traumatic injuries and accident scenes.

11. Fluffy scarf : BOA.

12. Golfer Sorenstam, who was among the first women to become honorary members of St Andrews golf club in February 2015 : ANNIKA.   To the best of my knowledge, she is not related to Luke Skywalker.

13. Comeback : RETORT.  A witty reply.

17. More than sniffle : SOB.  Degrees of crying.

21. "One Mic" rapper : NAS.    Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones [b Dec 14, 1973]

22. Carpet type : SHAG.  With deep pile.

23. The last Mrs. Chaplin : OONA.  [May 14, 1925 - Sep 27, 1991] Charlie's fourth wife, and daughter of Nobel and Pulitzer prize winning playwright Eugene O'Neill.  Her Granddaughter, named for her, is an actress with many film and TV credits, including the part of Talisa Maegyr Stark in HBO's Game of Thrones.

24. __ renewal : URBAN.  Redevelopment in a city, often by removing slums.

25. How some wines are sorted : BY AGE.

26. Facing: Abbr. : OPPosite

28. Pommes frites sprinkling : SEL.   French salt for French fries.

31. Nutritional stat : RDA.  Recommended Dietary Allowance.

32. Coin for Putin : KOPEK.  One one-hundredth of a Ruble.

33. École attendee : ELEVE.    I suppose this is French for student, though I can't get Google translate to admit it.

35. Korean soldier : ROK. For Republic Of Korea.

36. Speaking from memory : RECITING.

37. Spud sprouts : EYES.    These can be cut from the tuber and planted to grow plants that are clones of the parent.  New varieties are grown from seeds.  Why eyes?  I'd know if I were wise.

38. Furtive attention-getter : PSST.

39. Saturn, for one : GOD.  Roman equivalent of the Greek Cronus.  Complex mythology.

40. Like sketchbook paper : UNLINED.  Blank.

41. Collected dust : SAT.  Was idle.

42. Rainbow makers : PRISMS.   They divide light according to wavelength, due to a refractive index difference from air and the angles a which the light enters and exits.

43. Big brass output : OOMPAH.  Tuba speak

Probably not what you're expecting

45. Formal admission : IT WAS I.  

47. Lisa of "Enemy of the State" : BONET.   Even after all these years, probably still better known as Denise Huxtable, though.

48. They can be hard to fight : URGES.   Those things you want to do.

49. Atlanta-based health agcy. : CDC.  Center for Disease Control.

51. Sherbet flavor : LIME.  Citrus fruit.

54. Repent : RUE.  

55. Photo __ : LAB. Place where photographic negatives are developed. Rather retro.  These days, it's SHOP.

56. Throw too low, say : ERR.  A mis-played baseball. 

57. Merkel's "never" : NIE.  German.

58. Captured : GOT.  Obtained.

Well, that puts it all away.  Hope you got through it without chapped hands.  Now I have to go do some tidying up.

Cool regards!