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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 Craig Stowe

Theme: SHORT CUTS.  The word SHORT is cut up and shuffled into the theme answers. They locations of these letters are - or should be - indicated with circles.

17. Follow-up vaccination: BOOSTER SHOT.  Re-exposure to an immunizing antigen to increase or restore immunity.  I thought it was a snort of alcohol for a devotee of college athletics.

26. Bit of equine trickery: GIFT HORSE.  Unhappy memory for Trojans, but, somehow otherwise, not to be looked in the mouth.

36. Tall tale: FISH STORY.  An improbable, boastful tail.

52. Part of Ursa Minor: NORTH STAR.  Polaris, a trinary star system with a yellow super-giant and two small companions.

61. Cheat at checkout ... and a hint to the circled letters: SHORT CHANGE.  Literally, not give back sufficient CHANGE for a large bill.  Figuratively, to treat unfairly by withholding something of value.  In the theme fill, the word SHORT is CHANGED by re-ordering its letters.  This would be tough to spot if you didn't get the circles

Hi Gang, JazzBumpa here to check out this puzzle and see to it we don't get cheated out of anything. Let's start at aisle 1.


1. Script deviations: AD LIBS. Spontaneous, not formally prepared speech.

7. Shallot, e.g.: BULB.  A type of onion, with a milder flavor.

11. "Wicked!": RAD.  Slang words for "good."

14. Knitted shoe: BOOTEE.  Infant's foor wear.

15. "The African Queen" screenwriter James: AGEE.

16. Bird on Australian coins: EMU.  A large flightless bird that is one of the cultural icons of Australia.  Here it is on a postage stamp.  Inexplicably, this is not the mascot of Eastern Michigan University.

19. Cul-de-__: SAC. Literally, the bottom of a sack, but generally used to indicate a dead-end street.

20. Birth announcement abbr.: OZS.  Along with Lbs.

21. MontrÈal mates: AMIS.  French speaking friends from our neighbor to the north..

22. Defeat soundly: CRUSH.  Stomp, bash, trounce.

24. Clip-on accessories, perhaps: TIES.

29. Fax forerunners: TELEXES.  Per Wikipedia, they comprised a public switched network of teleprinters similar to a telephone network, for the purposes of sending text-based messages.

32. Florida produce: ORANGES.  Citrus fruit.

33. Turkey neighbor: SYRIA.  South of Turkey, north-west of Iraq.

34. "__ news?": ANY.  Update, anyone?

35. Supreme leader?: ESS.  First letter of the word.  The type of self-referential clue that diminishes the quality of a puzzle.

40. Airline to Oslo: SAS.  Scandinavian Airlines.

43. Shoot the breeze: YAK.  Chew the fat.

44. Watts of "Twin Peaks" (2017): NAOMI.

47. Kind of illusion: OPTICAL.  See some here.

50. Drive back, as attackers: FEND OFF.  Repel hostile adversaries.

54. Mine, in MontrÈal: AMOI.

55. Justice Samuel: ALITO.  Appointed by George W. Bush and on the bench since January, 2006.

56. Organic fuel: PEAT.  Boggy ground consisting of partly decomposed vegetable matter.  Not the only organic fuel.

59. Directional suffix: -ERN.   All's quiet on the -ERN front.

60. Tank or tee: TOP.  Article of informal clothing worn on the torso.

65. Birthday card number: AGE.  These numbers keep increasing.

66. Currency for 19 countries: EURO.  It was introduced on January 1, 1999.

67. Apartment dweller, typically: RENTER.

68. Barrett of Pink Floyd: SYD.

69. Gas in a sign: NEON.  A noble gas [chemically inert] with atomic number 10 and atomic weight of 20.1797, having a density about .9 * that of air.

70. Like the smell of a brewery: YEASTY.  Brewers' yeast transforms carbohydrates to alcohol under low oxygen conditions.


1. Costello's cohort: ABBOTT.  Comedy partners

2. Humdingers: DOOZIES.  Things that are remarkable or outstanding.  "Humdinger" is a word of uncertain origin that arose in the U. S. in the late 19th century.  It might simply be a mash-up of hummer and dinger, older words of similar meaning.  DOOZIE is of unknown origin.  It is definitely not derived from the name of the Duesenberg motor car, as is sometimes suggested.  The use of the word predates the 1920 introduction of the automobile by more than 20 years.

3. How some scripts are adapted from novels: LOOSELY.  ASoIaF mavens take note.

4. "__ go time!": IT'S.  A challenge to fight some one; or a realization that the moment for decisive action has arrived.  Also, this year's advertising slogan for the Detroit Visitor's Bureau.

5. Software prototype: BETA. A test version of the package, prior to its commercial release.

6. Appear to be: SEEM. Give the impression or sensation of having a particualar quality.

7. Operatic voices: BASSI.  Italian plural of BASSO.

8. "Gross!": UGH.  Eeew!

9. Zodiac sign: LEO.  July 23 to August 22.  We are now in Virgo.

10. "You __!": "Bingo!": BETCHA.  Of course.

11. Make a comeback: RESURGE.  To regain popularity or strength after a decline.

12. Stockpiles: AMASSES.  Accumulates.

13. New title for Meghan Markle: DUCHESS. Of Sussex, having married Prince Harry on May 19th of this year.

18. Semis: RIGS.  North American term for large trucks.  More generally, a RIG is an apparatus or device designed for a specific purpose.

23. "This Is Us" Emmy nominee __ Cephas Jones: RON.  No idea.

25. Feudal laborer: SERF.  Laborers who were bound to a particular piece of property.

27. Word processing choice: FONTLetter character style.

28. "Have a sample": TRY ONE.  A tiny morsel.

30. A dozen ova?: XII.  OK.  Ova is latin for eggs; eggs are generally sold by the dozen; and XII is the Roman numeral for 12.  Still  .  .  .

31. Helpful courses for underachievers: EASY As.  A class where a high grade can be achieved with minimal effort.

34. Inquire: ASK.

37. "Don't move!": HALT.  Stay put.

38. Campaigned: RAN.  As for public office.

39. Diminutive Jedi master: YODA.

40. Mozart works: SONATAS.  Musical selections for solo instruments.  Here is a well known example.

41. Expression of regret: APOLOGY.  I'm sorry!

42. Like Ronald McDonald's sleeves: STRIPED.  Advertising mascot in a clown outfit.

45. They may be precious: MOMENTS.  Sweet memories, or overly cutsie ceramic miniatures, if you're in to that sort of kitsch..

46. "My memory fails me": I FORGET.  What was i saying  .  .  .  ?

48. Cousin of Gomez Addams: ITT.  From the Addams Family TV show.

49. Selected: CHOSEN.

50. Lose sleep (over): FRET.  Worry.

51. Sunday best: FINERY.  One's best clothing.

53. It may say "World's Okayest Cook": APRON.  A protective and/or decorative garment worn over the front of one's clothing, and tied in the back.

57. __ for help: A CRY.  S.O.S. perhaps.

58. Quaker pronoun: THEE.  Obsolete singular objective case version of "you."  A relic of the English language's Germanic roots.

62. Shade: HUE.  An attribute of color determined by its wavelength distribution, independent of brightness or intensity,

63. Conquistador's treasure: ORO.  Spanish gold.

64. Actress Ortiz of "Ugly Betty": ANA.

Betty's more fashionable sister

Well, that wraps up another Wednesday.  Make sure you have all your nickels and dimes - and marbles, too, just to be on the safe side.

Cool regards!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wednesday, August 15, 2016 Roger and Kathy Weinburg

Theme: SPINNING YOUR WHEELS.  The letters of the word TIRE are embedded within the theme answers in rotating order.  THUS: IRET, RETI, ETIR, then TIRE in the unifier.

20 A. Way to move funds: WIRE TRANSFER.  An electronic TRANSFER of funds between entities via a network maintained by hundreds of banks around the world.

28 A. Good manners: PROPER ETIQUETTE.  Conducting one's self according to the most appropriate social norms.   Check here is you're uncertain.

47 A. Artist ErtÈ's real name: ROMAIN DE TIRTOFF.  He [1882-1990] was a Russian-born French artist and designer of the Art DEco period,  known by the pseudonym Erté, from the French pronunciation of his initials, R T.

55. Regular vehicle maintenance suggested by this puzzle's circles: TIRE ROTATION. Moving the wheels and tires from one position on the vehicle to another, in order to achieve even wear and extend the useful life of the TIREs.

Hi gang, JazzBumpa here to make sure this puzzle does not wear you down.  The elegant aspect of this theme is the presentation of the hidden word in a strict rotation of the first letter presented, with the remaining letters following in the order of the proper spelling of the word.  Let's see what other fun letters we can find.  We may have to tread lightly.


1. Beats Electronics co-founder, familiarly: DRE.  This is a division of Apple, Inc. that produces audio products.  It was founded by rapper Dr. DRE [Andre Romelle Young, b. 1965] and Interscope Records co-founder Jimmy Iovine.

4. Birdbrain, or an extinct bird: DODORead all about it.

8. Scrap: TAG END. The last remaining part of something.  Scrap?  Not so sure about that.

14. The guy for ewe: RAM.  They are a wooly couple, sometimes feeling sheepish.

15. "Right you are!": AMEN.  Emphatic agreement.

16. Vanderbilt of fashion: GLORIA. Ms GLORIA Laura Vanderbilt [b 1924 and still going] is an American artist, author, actress, fashion designer, heiress, and socialite.  In 1925 her father died, leaving her with a large trust fund.  A legal battle ensued between her mother, GLORIA Morgan Vanderbilt and her paternal aunt, Gertrude Vanderbilt, over custody of the child and control of the trust fund.  The aunt won.  I would have clued this as JzB's L.W.

17. PD alert: APBAll Points Bulletin, a radio message sent to every officer in a police force giving details of a suspected criminal or stolen vehicle.

18. In fun: FACETIOUSLY.  Don't take this seriously.

22. Slangy turnarounds: UEYS. U-turns. A sharp turn of a vehicle along a U-shaped path in order to proceed in the opposite direction.  Figuratively, a reversal of some plan or policy.

23. "Silly me!": D'OH.

24. Mardi Gras wear: MASK.

33. "Dear Yoko" dedicatee: ONO.  Yoko ONO [b 1933] a Japanese multimedia artist, singer, song writer and peace activist, also known for performance art and film making.  She married her third husband, Beatle John Lennon, on March 20, 1969.

34. Volcanic event: ERUPTION.  A sudden, violent outpouring - in this case of steam and lava [hot, molten or semifluid rock.]

35. Org. with lanes: PBA. Professional Bowling Association. Members are advised to stay out of the gutters.

38. Sch. with a Shreveport campus: LSULouisiana State University.

40. Activate, as a mobile app: TAP.  Lightly touch the app's icon on the device screen to launch it.

41. Wee hour: TWO.  In the morning.  ONE also fits.  The hours after midnight until some uncertain later time before sun rise, indicated on the clock by small numbers.

42. Medium for van Gogh: OIL PAINT.  He is best known for these, but also produced over 150 watercolor paintings.

45. Understand: SEE.  I get it.

52. Winter Palace resident: TSAR.  Russian autocrat, prior to 1917.

53. Mexican gold: ORO.  Spanish, of course.

54. Limo bar: AXLE.  The rod or spindle of any vehicle upon which the TIRES  ROTATE, but not in the same sense as indicated by the theme.

60. Spring cleaning may lead to them: GARAGE SALES.  An event held to raise cash by disposing of unwanted household items, usually in a GARAGE or driveway.

63. Firecracker that doesn't crack: DUD.  Fizzler.

64. Brought to mind: EVOKED. Reminded, awakened, aroused.

65. Small change: CENT.  A penny.

66. Afore: ERE.  Earlier than.

67. They're fed at curbside: METERS.  Parking Meters are "fed" coins larger than pennies to pay for the privilege of leaving one's vehicle there.

68. Icelandic literary work: EDDA.  Old Norse poetic and literary works.

69. "Danny and the Dinosaur" author Hoff: SYD. [1912-2004] American cartoonist and children's book author, along with his most famous work.


1. Prepare, as plans: DRAW UP.  Put together the initial version.

2. Thin sword: RAPIER. A weapon better suited for thrusting than for slashing or cutting.

3. Early stage of life: EMBRYO.  An unborn or unhatched offspring in an earlier stage of development than the fetus.

4. Birdbrained: DAFT.  Lacking intelligence - DODO-like, perhaps.

5. Actor Sharif: OMAR. Michel Dimitri Chalhoub [1083-2015] was an Egyptian actor of Syrian ancestry, best known for the role of Dr. Zhivago.  He was also a horse racing enthusiast and one of the world's best bridge players

6. The aughts, for one: DECADE. Ten year periods starting with years ending in zeros.

7. Musically monotonous: ONE NOTE.  You decide.

8. "Bring on the weekend!": TGIF. Thank God It's Friday.

9. Natural emollient: ALOE.  Specifically ALOE VERA, since the genus ALOE contains over 500 species of succulent plants.  Extracts of the plant have various medicinal uses.

10. Foodie: GOURMET.  Culinary connoisseur.

11. Hosp. areas: ERS. Emergency Rooms, where situations needing immediate care are treated.

12. Zero: NIL.  Nothing here.

13. __ trader: DAY.  One who buys and sells financial instruments within the span of the same day.

19. Summer top: T-SHIRT. A pull-over shirt, generally with a crew neck and short sleeves, and so named because the bod and sleeves approximate a T shape.

21. Bruins star Phil, to fans: ESPO.  He played 18 seasons in the NHL, the first 3 with the Chicago Blackhawks, 8 with the Boston Bruins, and 7 with the N. Y. Rangers.

25. Working hard: AT IT. Or arguing.

26. Put in the overhead bin: STOW.  Pack an object into a particular place.

27. Vegas game: KENO.  A lottery-like game of chance.  Players chose numbers, then winning numbers are selected in some random manner.

29. Baritone Chou in the opera "Nixon in China": ENLAI.   [1898-1976] the first Premier of the people's Republic of China, serving from 1949 until his death.

30. Violinist's supply: ROSIN.  It increases friction so that the bow can grip the strings more firmly to get a clear, strong vibration.

31. Kinda-sorta: QUASI-. Partly, almost, seemingly - but not really.

32. Bunk with a ladder: UPPER.  So you don't have to make a high jump.

35. Left on board?: PORT.  Right is starboard on a ship.

36. "About the author" pieces: BIOS.  Biographies.

37. Michigan city or college: ALMA.  The city is located in the central lower peninsula, 50 miles west of Saginaw.  The school is a private liberal arts college associated with the Presbyterian Church.

39. Annuls: UNDOES.  Negates.

43. Share (in): PARTAKE.  engage in an activity.

44. Upscale apartment feature: TERRACE. A level paved area adjacent to a building.

46. Coup d'__: ETAT.  A violent seizure of power from a government.

48. Rode (around): TOOLED.  Drive a vehicle with no particular destination.

49. Rust and lime: OXIDES. of iron and calcium, respectively.

50. Like a baker's hands: FLOURY.  Covered with flour.

51. Shifted (for oneself): FENDED.  To take care of one's self without assistance.

56. Disney head Robert: IGER. [b. 1951]  Named COO in 2000, and succeeded Michael Eisner as CEO in 2005.

57. Wine list heading: REDS. Opposite the Whites.  Can be dry or sweet.

58. Take care of: TEND. Bar tenders take care of taverns, chicken tenders have a fowl purpose.

59. Hammett dog: ASTA.  Pet of Nick and Nora Charles from Dashiell Hammet's 1932 novel The Thin Man, a seminal text in the hard-boiled mystery genre, but also as much a comedy of manners as a mystery.  A highly successful series of movies followed from 1934 to '47.  Later adaptations ensued on radio, television, as a Broadway musical and a stage play.

60. Real peach: GEM.  An exemplar of some sort.

61. Monopoly deed abbr.: AVEnue. 

62. Go bad: ROT.  Spoil.

Hope you found some traction and made it through without too many skids.

Cool regards!
Jazie Bee [The Other Erté]