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Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Sunday Whirl - Wordle 63

My first shot at this little word game.  Read all about it here.

I've composed a cryptic and very short story using the 12 specified words, and an even more cryptic poem using only those 12 words.  You can tell me if they make any sense.


I don't know who sent me the snapshots. A gesture of blackmail, I suppose.  What do they want from me?  It's left me hanging.

In them my lips touch the skin of the thin woman I stand next to.  No - I won't utter the name of that .  .  . other. 

Oh, what cruel and devious art.



Snapshots sent. 
Hanging art?
Stand.   Utter.
Other thin lips touch skin.

 Whirl Along Here.


  1. Oh, well done! These are both great!

  2. Well wordled! Working with the Whirl is fun.
    That first one...ooh, I read something else today that reminded me of a PI taking those photos!
    That was another prompt...I think over at We Write Poems. The second one reminds me of those White faced Gals with the lips that never move who play guitars...Or models that pretend to air kiss as to not to disturb their make-up.
    I also went with a photo - in a different direction:


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