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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Six Word Saturday

Finally Got Some Grass Cut Today

When we got back from vacation, my lawn mower wouldn't work.  It's still in the shop, with parts on back-order.

Then some family issues got in the way.

Then we had three days of rain.

Borrowed a mower and got most of the back cut today.

Some of it hadn't been cut in almost a month.

What a strange summer this is!


  1. Here we have no grass to cut, but the weeds seem to thrive on drought - 100 degree heat and no rain. We mow them down now and then, wearing dust masks and goggles, and watch them take over the drive and walkway again! Though brown is our natural color here in West Texas, we so look forward to fall and cooler weather this year!

  2. Only good thing about no rain is that the grass hardly grows! And yes, a strange summer indeed - scary weather....

  3. Great six words!!! At the moment, I do not have to cut the grass but I remember it is a chore I love.
    Need A Fairy Godmother


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