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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Carpe Diem Special #61, Garry Gay's "Sweat Lodge"

Inspirational Haiku:

sweat lodge -
my only vision
is of the cool water

What you get from me:

in the sauna -
steeling up my nerves
to roll in the snow

Not something I've ever done, not am I likely to.  But that's where the thought took me.

Carpe Diem Special #61, Garry Gay's "Sweat Lodge"


  1. Garry's haiku re-done ... nice job JzB.

  2. Now that you've written about it, maybe you WILL be tempted to try it, despite your protestations!

    My Only Vision

  3. The idea gives me goose bumps for sure!!

  4. Done in reverse-spirit. Brilliant take!

  5. It would take nerves of steel to go for a roll in the snow!

    My Sweat Lodge Vision

  6. Even if you don't actually roll in snow you still describe the contrast between real heat and imaginary cool.

  7. its the anticipation
    great take on the prompt which was a fun challenge and gr8 to read other responses

  8. not an appealing way to cool down!

  9. Oh yes! I have done the cold plunge shower after the sauna or hot tub. It releases tension and feels amazing after it is done, but it's very hard to get up the nerve!

  10. Yeah...not sure which is worse, the uncomfortable heat or sudden freeze - nice haiku!


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