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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Carpe Diem #698

The chariot is a means of rapid conveyance, with it's use dedicated mostly - but not exclusively - to warfare.  It was also used for sports like hunting and racing, and also as a means of rapid, uncomfortable transport.

But I think of the chariot as a war machine; and in my view war is always about expropriation - the greed of one people to take away what another people have, be it land, material wealth, resources, or a population that can be reduced to slavery.

So I see the chariot as an instrument of evil.

charging quick as wind
these horses men and weapons
death and destruction


sons fathers brothers
all dead now ravaged by war
horses smell of blood


all that we had
gone with that wind blown malice
and now we are slaves



  1. JzB, this is a splendid take on the theme.

  2. A very intersting topic. I think if we dwelve deeper into who rode chariots and when, we would agree with you all the more - used extensively also after battle to pick up body parts! However, your argument holds true all the way up to the invention of nuclear energy, yet it is surely better it was invented - or has the absurd toll in human lives just been too much. I suppose if nothing else had been invented after the chariot, it would have gone on being used as a lethal war help.

  3. Really a strong series of haiku on chariot JzB.


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