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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Six Word Saturday

Just got back from eastern Pennsylvania.

[only a six hundred mile drive]

[we have three grandchildren living there]


  1. Travel notes -

    PA is a very nice state. There is just way too much of it.

    People in Bucks county are surprisingly friendly and courteous. I take this to be some measure of atonement for Philadelphia.

    We left Bucks County (NE of Philadelphia) on a brisk morning under bright sun and a clear blue sky. In central PA on Rt 80 we had heavy overcast, rain, sleet, snow, and at one point if was sunny and raining at the same time. It was a pleasant mix of sun and clouds when we arrived at home, many hours later.

    Thumbs up for Philly cheese steak. Cheese Whiz - Really? Yep, but somehow it works.

    Two huge thumbs down for scrapple - even sliced thin and fried crisp it's still disgusting.

    Even in a nice new car on expressways with two drivers sharing the load, 600 miles in one day is a hell of a trek.

    1. No pleasure in that amount of driving in one day. Did it for years. After my husbands DVT that caused loss of part of a lung, we no longer attempt that number of miles in a day.

    2. oh hahahah try living in California if you think PA is too big!
      Meanwhile have a very lovely evening and tomorrow-BIG HUGS!

  2. I hope you enjoyed you grandchildren more than the drive there. ;)

  3. I hope you enjoyed you grandchildren more than the drive there. ;)

    1. Actually the drive wasn't bad, except for the rain, sleet and snow.

    2. I should add, the kiddies were delightful.

  4. Replies
    1. HA!

      My step-son is an Ohio State grad. We re only vaguely aware of PennState's existence - usually about one per year.


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