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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

L. A. Times Crossword Puzzle Blogging - Wednesday, November 18, 2015 Gary J. Whitehead


17. Lose it : HAVE A CONNIPTION.   Equivalent slang expression.

24. Lose it : HIT THE CEILING.    Equivalent slang expression.

35. Lose it : GO APE.   Equivalent slang expression.

41. Lose it : THROW A TANTRUM.  Equivalent slang expression.

55. Lose it : FLY OFF THE HANDLE.   Equivalent slang expression.

Hi gang, JazzBumpa here, having way too much fun with this one.  Lots of anger in this theme.  Let's see if we can stay on an even keel.


1. Home of the Nobel Peace Center : OSLO.  Norway, of course.

5. Loafed : IDLED.

10. Wharf : QUAY.  A wharf may be built along the shore or projecting into the water.  A QUAY is a structure built along the shore parallel to the water's edge.

14. Scandinavian royal name : OLAV.  Back to Norway.

15. Black, in Bordeaux : NOIRE.  Simply the French word for black.  Let's put it in context.

16. Johnson of "Laugh-In" : ARTE.

20. Takes advantage of a cloudless night : STAR GAZES.

21. Grating sounds : RASPS.

22. "Oui, oui," across the Pyrenees : SI SI.   From France to Spain - yes, yes?  And a homophonic call out to our fearless leader.

23. 1-Across locale: Abbr. : NORway, for the trifecta.

30. Kentucky college or its city : BEREA.   

31. Cod cousin : HAKE.   Something fishy here.

32. __ gratia artis: MGM motto : ARS.  Art for art's sake.  Latin for who knows why.

34. Spot in the control tower : BLIP.   This is a spot on the radar screen in the control tower.  Not so much a misdirect as unanticipated specificity.

37. Twosomes : DUOS.  Some are dynamic.

38. Brillo competitor : SOS.  Scrubbing pads.

39. Alert : WARN.

40. Packers quarterback Rodgers : AARON.   Superstar QB who is having a sub-par year.  The woeful Lions managed to eke out a nail-biting, unimpressive victory in Green Bay on Sunday, the first such win since 1991.  

45. NASA affirmative : A-OK.   All systems are go.

46. Big name in speakers : BOSE.

47. Prophetess : SIBYL.  An oracle influenced by divine inspiration.

50. Works like a demon : POSSESSES.  If you accept that demon POSSESSION is a thing.  But still, it's not a demon's work, it's what it does for fun.

57. Lowly worker : PEON.  The modern meaning.  Historically, PEONAGE was involuntary servitude imposed on native populations by Spanish conquistadors.   Nasty business.

58. True-crime author Dominick : DUNNE.   If I have this right, he is also the father of actress Dominque Dunne who was tragically murdered at age 22 by her ex-boyfriend.

59. Wine barrel sources : OAKS.   Strictly speaking, the source would be a COOPERAGE, OAKS provide the raw material.

60. Applies gently : DABS.  As with a cotton ball.

61. Hilarious types : RIOTS.  Funny people

62. Bout enders, briefly : TKOs.  In boxing, Technical Knock Outs occur when the officials determine that one contestant is physically unable to continue, or is in danger of serious injury if the match continues.


1. Sounds of amazement : OOHS.  Often accompanied by aahs.  At any rate, there were many of these in Detroit on Sunday.

2. Blind part : SLAT.

3. Basalt source : LAVA.  Basalt is a form of igneous [derived from ignus, the Latin word for fire] rock, formed by the cooling of LAVA or magma.

4. Exceed, as one's authority : OVERSTEP.

5. One way to pay : IN CASH.  I'll give you credit for cashing in here.

6. Humdinger : DOOZIE.   Something special, unique or outstanding.  DOOZY is the preferred spelling.  I thought the referent was the Duesenberg automobile, but the usage antedates the car by at least a couple of decades.   

7. Poem piece : LINE.

five syllable line
comprising a poem piece
only in haiku

8. Coastal raptors : ERNS.   The venerable sea eagle of vintage crossword puzzles.

9. Opus __: "The Da Vinci Code" sect : DEI.   God's Work in Latin.   Also a real world institution in the Roman Catholic Church that teaches that all are called to holiness and that ordinary life is a path to sanctity.

10. Persian Gulf native : QATARI.   Since the name of the county appears to be pronounced "Cutter," I'm not sure how to say this.

11. "Exodus" novelist : URIS.  Leon.

12. Resting upon : ATOP.  Literally on top of something, or figuratively on top of something like the standings in your fantasy football league.

13. Hankerings : YENS.   Urges.

18. Stomach discomfort : AGITA.   Indigestion.  Probably arising from Italian slang, possibly derived from the Latin agitare, to stir up [agitate] or acido, Italian for stomach acid.

19. Orwellian worker : PROLE.   In the novel 1984, by George Orwell [Eric Blair] the nation Oceania has three classes of citizens: Inner Party, Outer Party and the PROLES, constituting 85% of the population.  They are common working peons, living in poverty and deprived of education.

23. Footwear company named for a goddess : NIKE.   The Greek winged goddess of victory, whose Roman equivalent was Victoria.

24. Serf of ancient Sparta : HELOT.   One might think of them as being equivalent to PEONS or PROLES, and, according to Herodotus, they did comprise about 85% of the population of the Spartan controlled areas of Laconia and Messsenia.

25. __ whiskey : IRISH.   One of many kinds of whiskey.

26. Music from monks : CHANT.   A single line of melody [i.e. without harmony] in free rhythm and a restricted scale, developed during the 9th and 10th centuries.   The shortest clip I could find is 8 minutes.  There are some over 8 hours.  Do not feel obligated to listen.

27. "The Pit and the Pendulum" monogram : Edgar Allen Poe.

28. World's smallest island nation : NAURU.   This 8.1 square mile blip with fewer than 10,000 residents is northeast of the Solomon Islands, very near the equator.  The only smaller nations are Monaco and Vatican City.

29. Clean and brush, as a horse : GROOM.

30. Air gun pellets : BBs.  Metal spheres, 4.3 to 4.4 mm in diameter, typically made of steel, plated with zinc or copper to resist corrosion

33. Form 1040EZ info : SSN.   Social Security Number.

35. Rubberneck : GAWK.

36. 60 minuti : ORA.   Minutes in an Italian hour.

37. Lacks the courage to : DARES NOT.

39. Virginia of the Bloomsbury Group : WOOLF.

40. On the briny : AT SEA.

42. Synthetic fabrics : RAYONS.  Orlons, nylons - polyester and acrylic don't fit.

43. Not answering roll call : ABSENT.  With or without official leave?

44. Satisfies the munchies : NOSHES.   Snacks.  Is it kosher to use NOSH as a verb?

47. Calif. law force : SFPD.  San Francisco Police Department.

48. Lower intestinal parts : ILEA.   The ILEUM is the third portion of the small intestine, between the jejunum and the cecum, where the small intestine joins the large intestine.   I didn't have the guts to post a picture.  Still - there will be a quiz.

49. "We're not serving liquor," briefly : BYOB.  Bring Your Own Booze Bottle.

50. Spitting sound : PTUI.  Onomatopoeia.

51. "That isn't good!" : OH NO.  Common reaction in Green Bay on Sunday.

52. Minn. neighbor : S. DAKota.

53. Northern Nevada city : ELKO.   No idea.  Has anyone heard of it?

54. Meeting of Cong. : SESS.   Abbreviated SESSion of Congress.

56. New Deal pres. : FDR.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

That's all folks.  Hope I didn't do anything to make you mad.  We had, among other things, some hard workers, indigestion, a bit of ancient music, an example of bad poetry, a sports upset and something to drink -- if you brought your own bottle.

Cool regards!

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  1. I do not do crosswords but your posts on them are so much fun.


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