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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Haiku Heights - prompt 32 - Mirage

You think you see it
But you can't get close.  How can
You reach that far place?

Not an illusion -
A stolen peek into an
Other universe.

A freak wormhole that
Gives a view to somewhere else.
How can we escape?

What is this image?
A hidden doorway opens.
Who will enter here?



  1. Oh, heck, I'll be the first one to enter!


    Many shadow-seekers say,
    “Oh, the one that got away!”
    Why are you so uptight, folks?
    Can’t you take light’s little jokes?

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shimmering Women

  2. Love the mystery and suspense of this series.

  3. Oh, nice haikus :) like the second one a lot!

  4. Thanks, all -

    Mystic -

    With Shadow drinkers you might see
    A cup of hot black pekoe tea,
    Or in their dark mugs there might be
    A depth of milkless black coffee.

    For Black Russians they will cheer;
    They quaff Stout Guinness without fear,
    In shadow's gloom one thing is clear:
    They will NEVER drink LIGHT Beer!


  5. Oh, yes - it's all in the perception! I percept, therefore I yam. Nice post!!

  6. I love the interplay of multiple haikus here and what a mysterious ending. Nicely written.

  7. All are beautiful.. keep writing..

  8. the theme in the series was consistent.....nice!


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