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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Haiku Wednesday - Free Form

Anything goes, so:


From Flood to Final Curtain
But wait -- Entropy? 


Doom on 5-2-1
Words of mad man or prophet?
5-2-2 we'll know  

What vengeful God placed
Us in this sad vale of tears
As prelude to Hell ?


"The chosen" escape
Five months of chaos: the Spring
Of our discontent

(For explanation click
The underlined words above.
They are active links.) 

Blogger editor has screwed me up royally. I lost my first shot at this, spacing is a mess, I can't get 5-2-2 to be underlined, and I have no time to try to fix any of it.

Update: Hours later, I was able to fix the spacing, but 5-2-2 still remains un-underlined, despite all my feeble efforts, and, alas,  one of my haiku vanished into the ether and is now forever lost.  Boo-hoo.

Join the fun!


  1. Despite you having errors with them, I like your haikus anyway! So, can we expect to see more haikus on 5-2-5 then?

  2. Oh my!!! 5-22 is my birthday - hmmm, will I get to celebrate it? Hope so ~~

  3. sorry your having technical issues but I still thought these were clever!

  4. Sorry this is so late - we had some wind damage and I was offline for several days! Heavy haikus! :)


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