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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu #51 classical way of writing haiku

Greetings friends and fellow haijin.

Once again, after a hiatus I return to Cape Diem.   July is a vey busy month for me, but today a have a few spare moments.

Most of June was lost.  on the 2nd, my mother suffered a stroke.  She went down hill rapidly, and her funeral was three weeks later.  She was 94, so I think her age stacked the deck against her.  The picture shows her [standing] and her twin sister on their 94th birthday in May

my mom and her twin
never quite identical
now there is but one


Now, back to the present.  The challenge of this episode is to write a classical haiku inspired by this photo.

within those pages
from masters to their minions
what am i to learn



  1. JazzyB, my sympathies are with you.

  2. I'm so sorry, Jazzbumpa ---

  3. My sympathy, JzB...94 is a good long life! and I like your haiku too :)

  4. This is a beautiful tribute to your Mum and your aunt ... so sorry for your loss ...

    a new angel
    looking down upon the earth
    smiles through a rainbow


  5. Much to learn...but I think you already knew that...

    To Open a Book


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