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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Haiku Heights - Prompt 33 - COLD -- Sunday Music Blogging

My lovely wife spotted this robin atop the crab apple tree in our front yard, earlier today.

I grabbed the camera and snapped this poor quality shot through the window screen and between the blind-slats seconds before it flew away.

It's just barely visible, framed in the neighbor's window.


Harbinger of Spring
Perched on a cold, bare branch; you're
The too-early bird.

Muppets at no extra charge!



  1. just visible indeed, JazzBumpa :) but the haiku does it justice.. too early for sure :D nice one!

  2. Looking for Spring my self! Lovely Haiku and the Muppet bonus was awesome!

  3. Waiting to see your backyard spring into colors!! The early arrival says its time for it i suppose!!


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