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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sensational Haiku Wednesday - Paradox



You save more and spend
Less - Bad Economy, the
Paradox of thrift!


Where does logic takeYou? 
On a long, strange journey
To a paradox.


Sometimes life just aint
Easy.  Good choices, but bad 
Outcomes: Paradox.


My paradox is
Quite unorthodox: it has

Sorry.  That last one is an even worse play on an old, bad chemistry joke.   It's marginally funnier (at the link) if the symbols are "MD" rather than "Doc."

Join the fun!


  1. the last one has me cracking up I just have one question is it paradox or an oxymoron?

  2. Yeah, what Amanda said ;) Too funny!

    All terrific, as always, my friend!

  3. 4 great takes on the prompt ~~ bravo for all the examples!

  4. terrific foursome. loved the last one a lil more :)



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