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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sensational Haiku Wednesday - HOPE


Look to the future
Something to work (or fight) for
Plan a better fate

Join the fun!


  1. Hope does take work and sometimes fighting for, not just fairy dust wishes.

  2. this is really sweet but if it is fate can it be planed LOL? Just askin'

  3. Ria -


    Amanda -

    You raise a good point. But I don't believe fate is cast in granite. It defines a range of possibilities that constrains the scope of actions, but does not eliminate it.

    Every moment you make an active or passive decision that effects the path of your future life.


  4. What happens if I look back? Do I get turned into a block of salt? :-)

  5. Look into your past
    Squint hard to make it better
    With a grain of salt.


  6. Very well said, my friend!

    I could learn a lot from my past... if I could only remember it ;) Having a plan is paramount - fate is sometimes too busy to care.

  7. Sigh!! :( Nothing ever works according to my plan :( and I still hope!!


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