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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction - Zombie


Gil's wife will be home from her 2nd shift job in a few minutes, so he has to hurry.

He's creeped out by sneaking through the grave yard this late on a cloudy night, but it's the quickest way home from Marci's apartment.

He knows why there's a spiky metal fence around the cemetery - people are dying to get in.

Whoa - who is that ragged looking character shambling toward him?

And what are those things climbing up out of the graves?

Here is a link to The FSF Control Center.


  1. "...people are dying to get in." That is an old line, but still a really good one!



  2. This totally made me think of Thriller by Michael Jackson. Well, minus the cheating husband. :)

  3. And the moral of the story is "Cheaters never win..." I agree with CC. This did have that "Thriller" quality to it. Nice jobs.

  4. I imagine he won't be climbing into that window anymore. Nice story :)


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