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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pi Day in the Garden

"The prompt, should you choose to accept it, is to write something inspired by a breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, coffee, snack eaten out, at the local diner, cafe, restaurant, fast food joint, even, if you wish, camp site.

Well - not exactly.  I'm choosing Pi day, which at least partially commemorates a snack. 

We bought the pie at Kroger and took it to my sister's house, so that's eating out, of a sort. The pie looked wonderful, but the bottom crust was soggy and the peaches were crunchy. 

Peaches shouldn't be crunchy BEFORE you bake them.  Something is definitely not right here.

Lovely looking store-bought pie that disappointed on every other possible level

But Pi day is still worth celebrating, though this particular pie was not.

I filled my lovely Pi-day pie
With tasty fruit and spices,
But no matter how I try
I can’t get three point one four slices.

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads


  1. Hey Jazz-- I am so sorry that your pie was disappointing. Sounds like you got at least four slices from it. Very cute. K.

  2. Oh, frustrating. I just saw a cute cartoon. Pi and his wife are having marriage counseling. She says, he's irrational and goes on and on.

  3. Hahaha - clever and fun. I actually made a Pi Day pie too, but never thought about posting it here. I hope you enjoyed your pi pie.

  4. Baked crunchy peaches are worth investigating, indeed! Particularly when found over soggy pie crust.

    3.4 slices? Have you asked Alice? Or the Hatter?

  5. Ho.. but you don't have to if it's circular you still have a pi-pie... :-)

  6. I agree with Rose on this one, it really was clever. I wonder if anyone has ever tried to really cute a pie that way though.

  7. hahaha...too bad for yoooooooo! :-)

  8. This is pretty clever!!!!! Made me smile.


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