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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Triple Visual Dare Number 4 Plus SHW

Angela threw down the gauntlet this time and, mixing metaphors, sought to snare us with a tricky collection of presumably intractable photos.  But I was up well past midnight blogging the Crossword puzzle, and in the wee hours my addled brain takes off in even weirder flights of fancy.  This time it's 92 words.


Though he promised, "Nevermore!"
That damned raven's at my door.

So quickly, now, my little men
Before he flies away again,

Bring to me my sharpened snips
To give his wings some grounding clips.

But with his feathers ebon dark
There's no use for a pencil mark.

Imagine how he’ll raving sing
When I bob his raven wing.

Then when he can no more fly
I will bake him in a pie.

And when his evil, awful caws
No longer echo in my halls --
I'll resume my favorite pass time:
Sniffing walls.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Reduced for Sensational Haiku Wednesday


Again the Raven comes
Spoiling my tranquility.
This time I'm ready!

Join the fun!


  1. Raven-ously clever and fun! Seems you are now prepared for his next visit!

  2. I love it. I always appreciate something that makes me laugh - sniffing walls, indeed.

  3. LOL!!! With an added twist to honor my favorite short story author (Poe) - I LOVE this. Great play with verse, irony, and whimsy, not to mention hitting all three prompts. I'd like to see what else you write in the wee hours of the morning...sometimes sleep deprivation is a great creativity enhancer!!!

  4. Nice work! I love how you were able to link the three pictures with your longer poem, and the haiku sums up the situation quite nicely.

  5. I love this poem. And a raven pie sounds delicious


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