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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction


Something unseen had drawn me there; I was feeling strung-out and more than a little lonely as I wandered through the deserted park at dusk. 

Off the path, in a cluster of trees to the right, I saw a glowing cloud - maybe an unlikely gathering of fireflies. 

Curious, I approached, and as I passed between a pair of soldier pines it suddenly fell full dark, the world seemed to turn on an unseen axis, and she appeared there in their midst. 

A queen in her court, surrounded by legions of fireflies, maybe, or tiny glowing winged women - I really couldn't tell; and the eutre beauty of her other-worldly face was hauntingly familiar, like something from a half-remembered dream. 

Then she turned to look majestically upon me, and in the piercing gaze of those moss-green eyes I knew with a sudden certainty that she had selected me, out of all the thousands of men in this city for some fell purpose of her own dark design, and that my only choice was to comply. 

The first person protagonist is Rob, Marci's occasional boy friend.  Things are getting convoluted.  Today's little vignette is prequel to 1) FAERIES and 2) FLAWED.

Lillie McFerrin


  1. Resistance is futile...

    Well done, JzB!

    My story is at

  2. Gah! What? What does she want? As much as I love these FSF pieces, I also find them frustratingly short! Job very well done.

  3. She wants to be pregnant, and only a human male will do.


  4. The plot thickens! A fairy tale in just five sentences? Fascinating :)

  5. Fireflies always seem to add something to a story like this. I've used them in a couple of stories where I needed the right atmosphere. I'll have to read more of your work.

  6. Some wonderful imagery - from the dark, lonely park, to the eruption of fireflies and light. I loved the contrast and it was as bewitching to us as to him!

  7. Ahhh, the stuff of fantasy that teases the mind with possibilities! :-)

  8. Oh this is wonderful! I love it...and your magical story telling in just five sentences. I bow to you.


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