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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Triple Visual Dare

Following FSF links, at Sarah's place I learned of Angela Goff's Visual Dare.

This gave me an opportunity to explore another aspect of the increasingly complex story I'm discovering, and have been revealing through my Five Sentence Fiction entries.  Here, for the first time, Gil's wife [who's name is Cheryl, as it turns out] is the protagonist.

I had no clear image of her, but the first visual prompt clicked - that is Cheryl!  [Photo credits at the Dare link.]

After that, working the other two in was a snap.  The hard part was hitting the word count.  My first shot had me at 101, and only half finished.  So I put on my minimalist hat.  Indeed, this would all be a lot less enigmatic if I had a richer word budget, but this clocks in at exactly 100.

I'm not participating in NaNoWriMo, so, alas, that's a bonus point I can't qualify for.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Of Cheryl, a Tower, and Trees

Cheryl was devastated to discover she was pregnant.

One slip, one time, and this?

She found him waiting where they first met, at the footbridge in the park. 

Silently, they strolled down the long tree-lined lane to a place not of this earth.

Up the spiral staircase of the ancient tower then - yes - where she had been so willingly seduced - that was the very place to share this awful news.

But he, craving a son, was elated. 

She could have her baby – his baby – here, where the time slip was different, and her husband Gil need never know.


  1. a time slip twist, wonder how it progresses...

  2. Sometimes a little faster, sometimes a little slower . .

  3. so glad I introduced you to the Visual Dare, I really loved your story.

  4. Sarah -

    Thanks. I'm back in this week with a little stand-alone.


  5. Minimalist and beautiful!! Would like to see the longer version as well. Definitely would like to know how she got into the predicament, and how she'll get out of it! Mention of the "time slip" is also very intriguing.

    Great work, nailing all three photos in one entry!!


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