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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction - Joy

Lillie McFerrin

This is the Joyous moment I've been waiting for.   Continuing from here.

THE JOY OF  .  .  .

Gil empties his wine glass of the last joyous ruby sip, then reaches past Marci to place it on the counter.

Then he puts his other hand on the counter, enclosing her in his arms.

She puts her arms around his neck.

He slips his hands under her blouse; gripping her slim, taut waist.

Her smile is knowing as she takes his hand and leads him toward her bedroom, pausing to whisper in his ear, "Just as I remembered - not so unpredictable, after all."

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Reduced to a haiku

Alex Comfort laid
It all out for us in his
Book, "The Joy Of Sex"

12/06 Update: Inspired by Laura McHale Holland's entry.

From somewhere without
Or better still, within — joy
Is where you find it.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~ 
UPDATE:  Next installment is available here.

Gil's thread

Marci's thread


  1. Ahhh... sensual and lovely writing my friend :) and, no, no sharp angles in bed!! ;-P

  2. A wife and a boyfriend are involved - I suspect there will be an end to the joy before long. Nice build up of sexual tension.

  3. Very sensual and seductive, but as Sharry said we already know a bit more about this relationship, joy could be temporary, but hey, still fun!

  4. Yes -

    The wife and the boyfriend also have their not-so-little secrets.

    Nobody is innocent here.


  5. Nice sensual images. Sentence one's "it" is ambiguous and the second sentence lost me a bit (I assume it's his free arm, not the one on the counter, that wraps around her?). But I'd read the next scene. ;P

  6. I think they should have kissed before heading to the bedroom. Whatever happened to romance? Oh, well. Maybe once they get there...

  7. I suspect that joy will be shortlived here, but still it makes us smile to think of the anticipation!

  8. K R -

    Just leaving a little something for your imagination.

  9. So much said in so few words. Expertly and gently done. a joy to read...


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