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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Carpe Diem's Treasure

In response to some flash fiction memes, a wrote a few little vignettes last fall and winter that started to flow together into what could possibly become a coherent narrative.  I started appending a haiku or senryu to capture the essence of each story in miniature, not realizing I was reinventing the haibun.

I grew very fond of the characters, but, in the press of other things, haven't done anything with them lately.  [And, really, have no clear idea what to do with them.] The central character, Marci, is a free-spirited young lady who has had some other-worldly experiences, sometimes without even leaving her bedroom.  One such is described here, and it also provided my inspirational haiku.  I'm choosing it because I find it especially pleasing, and because of the connection to my character, Marci.

Mystery woman
Product of moonbeams and dreams
What is your message

inspired haiku

she comes at night
to tell me things of myself
that I never knew

Maybe these are senryu, not haiku, or perhaps neither.  But that level of scrutiny seems excessive, and not in the spirit of the challenge.

Carpe Diem's Treasure


  1. Beautiful inspiration and I love your inspired haiku. Sounds like a soul mate. Someone who knows your soul...

  2. A nice connection between the two haiku, and nice ones.

  3. I love both the inspirational haiku and the one you just shared!

  4. Very nice symbiotic set of haiku JzB. I am glad that you appreciate this new feature at Carpe Diem. It's really a joy to read haiku which are in some way valuable and a treasure.


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