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Saturday, February 9, 2013

VisDare 6: Emerging

I've been away from VisDare and Marci's story for a while.  It was a combination of life getting in the way, other distractions, and perhaps a soupçon of negligence.   I had at least three different not-wholly-satisfactory ideas on what to do with this picture, and finally chose this route.  My first draft weighed in at exactly 150 words, so that is what you get.

Marci found the gilt-framed painting behind Great Uncle Albert's desk - another curious artifact.  The family resemblence was obvious, and she speculated that it might be her grandmother, as a young woman.  That would place it in the mid fifty's, though the hairstlye, dress and oil lantern were not of that era.

She hung it in her bedroom, and soon it became a familiar feature, easily overlooked.  At times, though, Marci thought she noticed a slight change in position or expression. But that seemed too weird, and how can you be sure about these things?

A few months later, when the full moon streamed through Marci's window at midnight, she woke to find the woman striding out of the picture frame.  She placed the lantern on a side table, sat on the edge of Marci's bed and stroked her hair.

"There is much I need to tell you," she said. 

~ : ~ : ~

As a hiaku

Mystery woman
Product of moonbeams and dreams
What is your message

 ~ : ~ : ~

Marci's Thread 

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  1. Wonderful, you made it as a haibun. Very intriguing story. And thank you for pointing out the error in my link. I think it's corrected now.

  2. Quite unknowingly, I've been dong haibun for a while now, appending a haiku to my flash fiction entries.


  3. Terrific! I do enjoy this kind of story!

  4. I like this story, and would love to see where it goes.

  5. OK. You've got my attention....What happens next???!!?

    Love, love the set-up for this.


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