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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Carpe Diem #337, Kanpai!

Our protocol through December will be to write haiku or senryu inspired by the music of Swiss musician Adrian von Ziegler.   Today's entry is Kanpai, inspired by Japanese festivals.

syncopated rhythms
drums dancing in counterpoint
my feet want to join

Carpe Diem #337, Kanpai!


  1. I truly hope your feet are more talented than mine, which would become hopelessly entangled if they tried to follow syncopated rhythms! ;)

  2. slave to the rhythm.....yes, pulled in by art in all its forms...

  3. well, send those feet out onto the dance floor!

  4. Wow JzB ... dance on the rhythm of the Taiko drums ... awesome haiku.

  5. Wonderful! Makes me want to boogie ;-)

  6. love those happy dancing feet ~ creative and fun! thanks, carol, xxx

  7. my feet want to join, too reading about your feet. :)

  8. You should listen to your feet :)

  9. we're all ready to watch ☺

  10. Love it... I knew you would do it great...


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