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Monday, November 18, 2013

Carpe Diem''s Tan Renga Challenge Month #XIX, Carol's ''tickling ivories''

tickling ivories
scintillating music sound
filling the inner soul                                (c) Carol

and now my creative muse
is feeling very composed                        (c) JzB

This post is from my local library.

My internet is down due to the storm.

Unlike many thousands, though, we do have power.

No posting or visits until service is restored.

Lo siento.

Carpe Diem''s Tan Renga Challenge Month #XIX


  1. I love your completion! Stay safe, my friend!

  2. Lo siento tambien! Somehow, though, I sense that you are composed despite the storm.

  3. Oh,take care-hope you and your loved ones are safe!Sweet completion!

  4. Stay safe JzB ... hope nature will be calming soon. Wonderfully completed Tan Renga.

  5. Hoping everything will be fine, take care! Nicely JzB


  6. As you know, a play on words always strikes a chord with me JzB ;)

    sultry casablanca bar

  7. glad you are alright;
    luv your completion

    much love...

  8. wonderful completion and glad your mused is composed ~ witty ~ thanks, carol, xxx

  9. I love your completion and I hope the weather troubles pass quickly for you all.

  10. i like your completion and do hope you get everything back in order. blessings.

  11. Great completion.. we all love a tickling muse to some extent


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