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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction

Originally, I had no intention of writing a serial story, and now I have two of them going.  Each has character named Marci, since I was simply going to use that as a stock character name from central casting.   This has since become confusing, even for me.  I haven't yet discovered if they are the same Marci. [UPDATE: Yes I have, and yes, they are.]  One story line is real world based and the other is a weird fairie tale; but I'm not sure that pre-empts anything.

On to this week's installment.  I wrote this a while back, since Gil and Marci were bugging me. OK - it's a bit of a stretch on the prompt, perhaps, but I still think it fits, in a way.

The [real world] story of Gil and Marci continues.

Part 1   Devotion

Part 2  Detour

One evening when Gil's wife is out of town on business, he runs into Marci in the wine section of the market near her apartment. 

She gestures toward a bottle of imported Chardonnay, saying, "My boyfriend Rob is quite fond of this." 

But she reaches for a bottle of Gil's favorite Pinot Noir and looks at him in a way he understands very well. 

Gil suppresses a nervous laugh and blurts out, "I get kind of unpredictable when I drink that." 

"I know," Marci says, as she slips the bottle into her basket and heads for the checkout line.

Update: This is the first time Marci has appeared on stage, and I'm getting to know her better.  Now I believe it is the same Marci in both story lines.  Her back-story is starting to take form, too.  She's not an evil person, by any means, but she rejects conventional ideas of morality, and very much lives in the moment.  'Nuff said, for now.

Lillie McFerrin


  1. Gil and Marci have taken on a life of their own...
    I'm looking forward to more escapades from these two...

  2. I love those characters, so real! I hope you can develop their story :) a lovely post!

  3. Wow ... what's gonna happen next :-)

  4. Loved this! I look forward to getting to know Marci better. Seems like an interesting lady...

  5. This is good. I'd like to know more about Marci too. It's not the Marci from Peanuts is it? ;)

  6. Thanks for the encouraging comments.

    I tend to get emotionally involved with my characters. I don't think I could ever kill them off the way GRRM does his.

    No, Wayne, definitely not Marci from Peanuts. Actually she's sort of inspired by the Marci in a totally different story I wrote several years ago, but she's not that character either.


  7. Oooh i wonder what happens next? really enjoy reading your FSF posts :)

  8. Oh, she's good :) I like this story!!

  9. She's a temptress. Gil's in trouble. It'll be interesting to read more about Marci

  10. Truth be told I think I'd like to meet Marci. Her unconventional approach is very appealing, although you can be sure that it would end in disaster!

  11. She's flirty, and Gil may be in trouble...especially if he indulges in the Pinot Noir...


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