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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Carpe Diem #563, River

Black River, Michigan, July 2014

From Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse:

[...] "It is this what you mean, isn't it: that the river is everywhere at once, at the source and at the mouth, at the waterfall, at the ferry, at the rapids, in the sea, in the mountains, everywhere at once, and that there is only the present time for it, not the shadow of the past, not the shadow of the future?" [...]

 Siddhartha's lesson
the river is without time
yet the sea beckons


  1. Perhaps what you've captured is Kerouac's "point of ecstasy", JzB ....
    All the best --

  2. ...universe is patient
    only man keeps time

  3. Powerful insight in this haiku. Philosophical.

  4. "I must go down to the sea again,
    To the lonely sea and the sky;
    And all I ask is a tall ship
    And a star to steer her by..."

    Still can't shake these lines from the John Masefield that I had to memorize in school years ago...

  5. yes ... still the sea beckons ...

  6. there is something timeless yet an instant in that river.

  7. The river without time keeps it's own inner clockworks :)

    Like grandchildren - they eat when they are hungry, play when awake and keep us on our toes even when they sleep.


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