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Friday, September 12, 2014

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Squared #2, Björn Rudberg's "Loon is calling"

Bjorn has composed a truly wonderful haiga to be used in this Tan Renga Squared challenge.

The goal is first to write a two line continuation (Tan Renga,) and then follow up with two more stanzas of 3 and 2 lines.  The last stanza should have a connection to the first.

The deeper meaning that Bjorn's haiku evokes for me is sadness as I consider the tragic fates of people I have known who slipped into dementia.


evening mist
memories are fading
loon is calling                                                    (Björn)

across the once placid lake
a slowly fading ripple                                  (JzB)
ancient songs of love and want
deeper darkness falls                                   (JzB)

into the gathering mist
loon flies never to return                         (JzB)

OK.  This is melancholy.  But I think I came close to capturing my own emotional reaction.



  1. A beautiful new "song of love and want", JzB.
    All the best ---

  2. A sad and lovely story ... I'm glad the loon flew away. It was sad that so many toadlings probably perished in your main story ... and so tiny, really difficult to avoid walking on them!

  3. The loon's call might sound sad, but if it never returns it will be even sadder.


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