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Friday, September 12, 2014

Carpe Diem goes "Full Circle" #3, Mirror

The challenge is to write four haiku with the given words, one per line, in the order presented

Here are the 12 (twelve) words for this new episode:

1. mirror
2. leaves
3. rain
4. butterfly
5. chrysanthemum
6. breeze
7. stars
8. clouds
9. ocean
10. daisies
11. cow shed
12. secret
I'm also trying to achieve vivid images, a brief moment in time, 1st-3rd line interchangeability, and maybe even a deeper meaning, with variable success.


orb weaver's mirror
a puddle in the wet leaves
reflecting the rain


butterfly quivers
in chrysanthemum petals
could it be the breeze


stars sneaking a peek
through thin wind-tattered clouds
moon spies the ocean


bliss in the daisies
behind the old cow shed
farm hand's secret


Bonus - I got out of sequence, so this:
 aim of autumn breeze
with moon and stars revealed
clouds scutter past


  1. I like all of these. The last one made me smile.

  2. bliss in the daisies
    behind the old cow shed
    farm hand's secret

    I like this one especially. The mystery lingers on. Great set JzB!


  3. I really like the farm hand's secret --- oh my! :D
    Great series here ---

  4. Naughty farm hand! All quite nicely done.

  5. I knew before I read that yours would be full of wonder. And ...

  6. I know the farm hand's secret.. everything except her name...

  7. Ach ... seems we all have a secret of one sort or another at the cowshed :-) lovely sequence and enjoyed the special!


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