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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Carpe Diem #658 and Imaginary Garden

I found myself at quite a loss trying to cope with the Carpe Diem First Dream prompt.  My dreams are ephemeral and I haven't had any notable ones recently.   So I visited Mystic's page seeking inspiration, and was overwhelmed.  It made me feel like I was going to try writing a fugue [something I've actually done a few times] after listening to Bach's WTC.

So I went to the Imaginary Garden in hope of coming up with a new angle.  And I found one.  The prompt there today is lavender.

On a color tour in Oct. '13 we visited the Lavender Hill Farm and met these lovely people.

 We learned that the scent of lavender is calming and can help promote restful sleep.  Since I'm a poor sleeper, I thought it would be worth a try.

beside my pillow
a sachet of lavender
to bring sweet dreams


  1. This looks suspiciously like a haiku.

    1. That is indeed the intent.

      Along with my prose vignette, they make a haibun.


  2. Love the haiku...sweet dreams indeed and I'm so pleased you joined, thank you!

  3. Love! It's just like a sprig of lavender tied with a ribbon.

  4. As a lousy sleeper myself, I'd like to know if your lavender sachet experiment is successful.

    Holiday Dreaming

    1. Can't say it makes a big difference. No negatives, though.

  5. Ha.. how daring to go with a haiku to the toads.. :-)

    But I do love your entry .. dreams are so much better with those sachets.

  6. Summer dreams - such beauty - nice to know it has many uses and purposes as well.

  7. I sleep with a whole bunch of lavender under my bed and hops... sleep more soundly but still have weird dreams!

  8. Lovely haiku and hope the lavender helped!

  9. I've tried smoothing lavender oil on my pillow the last few nights...and I did sleep sounder. Lavender makes the perfect subject for haiku!


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