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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

L. A. Times crossword Puzzle Blogging

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 Jeffrey Wechsler

Theme - On EDGE in the OUTER Zone.  The word EDGE is broken to form bookends around the theme answers, thus representing the OUTERmost letters of the fill.

17. Fraternal meeting place : ELKS LODGE.   From their website:  Elks invest in their communities through programs that help children grow up healthy and drug-free, by undertaking projects that address unmet need, and by honoring the service and sacrifice of our veterans.

27. "The Cask of Amontillado" writer : EDGAR ALLAN POE.   Certainly not his most famous work.   Nice to see the entire name spelt out, though

41. Where to read candidate endorsements : EDITORIAL PAGE.   And those hilarious letters to the editor.

54. Periphery ... and, literally, the periphery of 17-, 27- and 41-Across : OUTER EDGE.   As far out as you can get without leaving, spilling out or otherwise departing.

 Hi Gang, JazzBumpa here.  There are 3 ways to break EDGE and Jeffery found them all.  Are you on EDGE?   Let's see how edgy the rest of this puzzle is


1. Help for Holmes : CLUE.  A hint to help Sherlock crack the case, when the game is afoot.

5. All hands on deck : CREW.   A description, not a command.   First big misdirection of the day

9. Baby food, usually : PUREE.   A food substance chopped and mashed into a smooth consistency.

14. "Can you give me a __?" : HINT.   No, Sherlock.  You're on your own.

15. Bass' red triangle, e.g. : LOGO.   Like this, having nothing to do with fish:

16. Dove rival : IVORY.   Bath soaps.

19. Sense & Spray air freshener maker : GLADE.   Replace odor with fresh scent.

20. "Here are the facts," briefly : FYIFor Your Information.

21. Garden outcast : EVE.   After the sneaky snake did his work the garden was uninhabited.

22. Dark suit : SPADES.  Another misdirection, clothed in wordplay.  But we won't be fooled.

23. Central church area : NAVE.  Where the congregation congregates.  Where do the knaves go?

25. Pacific Northwest capital : SALEM.   Oregon

31. Reduced in number : FEWER.   Not as many as there used to be.

32. Track tipsters : TOUTS.      A person who "professes to have, and sells, advance information on or betting selections for a race. Tip Sheets are also sold at the track which are published by these touts."

33. Train cos. : RRSRail Road companies. 

35. Yankee nickname since 2004 : A-ROD.   Alexander Emmanuel "Alex" Rodriguez (born July 27, 1975) is one of the greatest Baseball players of all time, and one of the most despised of our time.

36. Asparagus, mostly : STEMS.  As you can see.

37. Nemesis : BANE.  A ruinous person or thing.

38. ENE or WSW : DIR.  Abbreviated DIRections, without misdirections.

39. Set straight : ALIGN.   To arrange things in their proper positions.  Another misdirection

40. Golfer Palmer, to fans : ARNIE.  Arnold Daniel Palmer (b. Sept. 10, 1929) was a well known professional golfer.  Once many years ago, I played at his Bay Hill course in Florida, and killed a squirrel with a worm-burning drive.  Caught that poor little fella right square in the head.  Also, I once had lunch with Arnie.  True, he was across the room at a different table, but we were both having lunch.

44. Much of the time : OFTEN.  More frequent than now and then.

45. Kitchen add-on? : ETTE.  A cleverly clued affix fill.  MEH!

46. Yemenis' neighbors : SAUDIS.  They have a new King.

49. "__ been thinking ..." : I'VE.

50. NASA thumbs-up : A-OK.   All systems are go.

53. Acme's opposite : NADIR.    Extremes of ups and downs.

57. Most clubs in a pro's bag : IRONS.   ARNIE tells me this is about golf.  wonder if Jeremy Irons and Tiger Woods ever played with Mr. T and Lucille Ball?  

58. Scott Turow memoir : ONE L.   The Turbulent True Story of a First Year at Harvard Law School

59. Vulcan mind __: Spock's skill : MELD.   A telepathic link allowing individuals to share thoughts and be of one mind, so to speak.  In this sense, the word is a portmanteau of melt and weld that originated in the late 30's.  It's also the reason why nobody ever wanted to play canasta with Mr. Spock.

60. Principle : TENET.  Typically the principles of a belief system.

61. Superstorm response org. : FEMA.   Federal Emergency Management Agency.   They do a heckuva job.

62. Functions : USES.  Purposes.


1. "Cutthroat Kitchen" competitor : CHEF.   Who decided that cooking is a competitive event?

2. Easter bloom : LILY.

symbol of purity, hope, innocence and peace
symbol of purity, hope, innocence and peace
symbol of purity, hope, innocence and peace

3. Critical comment : UNKIND WORD.  Evidently not constructive criticism.

4. Aliens, briefly : ETsExtraTerrrestials.

5. Prosperous, after "in" : CLOVER.   Well off, perhaps even set for life.  The turncoat Max Scherzer comes reality to mind.   This expression alludes to cattle happily feeding on clover.

6. Took the bus : RODE.

7. Fabergé creation : EGG.

8. Reason for hand-wringing : WOE.   Alas and a lack.

9. Sloppy farm digs : PIG PENS.  Go hog wild.

10. Tanning booth light, for short : UV LAMP.    Emitting Ultra-Violet rays to promote tanning, wrinkles, premature aging and possibly skin cancer.  The things we generally call lights should properly be called lamps.

11. Freeway, e.g. : ROAD.    

12. Earth, to Hans : ERDE.   The German word for earth.

13. Windows to the soul, so they say : EYES.  Poetic.

18. "Reading Rainbow" host Burton : LEVAR.   No idea.

22. Mattress supports : SLATS.   Actually these wooden boards support the box spring upon which the mattress sits.

24. Matured : AGED.   My motto: what I lack in youth, I make up for with immaturity.

25. Liqueur in a fizz : SLOE GIN.  Typically made from grian neutral spirits, which is not gin, and the sloe plum, which is not a plum.   In other news, the Battle of Bunker Hill was not fought on Bunker Hill.

26. Barnard grad : ALUMNA.  A female graduate from a traditionally all female university.

27. Like 27-Across' work : EERIE.  Strange, weird, disturbing.

28. Clothes : ATTIRE.

29. Fruity drinks : ORANGEADES.  Analogs to lemonades, not to be confused with benefit concerts for needy Oopaloompas.

30. Bert's buddy : ERNIE.  Muppets.

31. Fleeting fashion : FAD.   Muppets have been around for 60 years.

34. "Get it?" : SEE?.  With your EYES?

36. Schedule openings : SLOTS.  A few free moments.

37. Sassy tyke : BRAT.  

39. Initially : AT FIRST.   In the beginning.

40. More fitting : APTER.   With a little bit of luck, you will never again see this collection of letters.

42. Salt additive : IODINE.  Valuable micronutrient.

43. Low parking garage floor : LEVEL A.  Ground floor, probably

46. Bad mood : SNIT.

47. Bern's river : AARE.    Map.

48. Noodle bar order : UDON.   Per Wikipedia:  Udon (饂飩?, usually written as うどん) is a type of thick wheat flour noodle of Japanese cuisine.

49. List component : ITEM.

51. Gawk at : OGLE.

52. Classic sneakers : KEDS.

54. "That knocked the wind out of me!" : OOF.  Onomatopoeia for the sound of forced exhalation.

55. Sorbonne one : UNE.  The French unit.

56. Aussie runner : EMU.  This flightless bird has absolutely nothing to do with Eastern Michigan University, whose mascot is an eagle.

Well, there were a couple of clunkers that put me on EDGE, but over all, a fine offering with a well executed theme and some nice long verticals.  Hope you enjoyed it.

Cool regards!

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