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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

CD Haiku Writing Techniques #4

I guess this is that "AHA! moment, or the epiphany.   I notice in the example an obvious kigo, and phrase plus fragment structure, but the absence of 1st-3rd line interchangeability.  I guess you can't have everything every time.  Should the surprise be the entire moment captured by the haiku, or the 3rd line in the context of the first two?  I'm not sure that question has an answer.  What do you think?

autumn wind
trying to keep myself
under my hat

© John Stevenson

Here, at least part of the surprise is the humerous idea of staying under the hat, rather than keeping the hat from blowing away - a clever twist. 


Maybe these are senryu

looking at her
so lovely across the room
she looks back at me


 stealing that first kiss
what will she think of me now
the tip of her tongue


on a winter night
she brings me her best gift
sweet cherry blossom


We have a wooden front door with a glass storm door facing south.  As I write this, it is 19 degrees outside (-7 C) with bright sun.  On days like this, if I don't open the wooden door to let the heat escape into house, the door will get so hot I can smell the rosin vaporizing from the wood.

the deep snow blanket
glistening white in my yard
glare of winter sun



  1. Wow ... that heat/rosin exchange is surprising indeed .... despite the cold outside too. Interesting.

    As to whether these are haiku or senryu? Aw, heck ... I have no idea anymore! ;) Since you added the cherry blossoms I'll say "haiku" regardless of any hidden meaning. :) A great series, either way --- really enjoying them.

    1. I thought Jane Reichhold settled that haiku/senryu debate in one of her columns, saying, in effect, "There ain't no such thing as senryu, it's all haiku."

  2. Oh i would not care about senryu or haiku.. it is whatever we feel it to bee.. They are sweet though I think.

  3. What a wonderful trio of haiku JzB ... all full of surprise ... thank you for sharing.

  4. beautifully conveyed whether senryu or haiku

    cold today
    warmed by scent of heat
    wooden door

    1. Nice, Moonie.

      Same way today again.


  5. Thanks all

    I guess I was in a romantic mood



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