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"Why moose and goose?" you may ask. Back on 2/04/13 Pirate wrote a haiku with an elk in it, and I responded with
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So I started including her with this post on 2/07. A week later on the 14th, Mark Readfern
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Friday, January 16, 2015

Carpe Diem Sparkling Stars #16,

The goal is to write an all new classical haiku inspired on the one given.

kaerimireba yuki-aishi hito kasumi keri

when I looked back,
the man who passed
was lost in the mist

© Masaoka Shiki

I have an almost surreal quasi-zen notion of perception vs reality, the virtual vs the concrete.  That is what I'm attempting to capture.

I don't see a kigo in Shiki's example, so I'll let myself get away without one, in my first attempt anyway.    Otherwise, I think I've met the classical requirements.


the man i see there
when i leave the mirror
does he stay behind

 © JzB 


image in the weeds
behind the orb weaver's web
shadow of a fly

 © JzB


  1. I like the mirror image, that question a lot. Profound.

  2. Both are very creative and express a lot to ponder ~ Say hi to 'moose and goose.'

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol


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