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"Why moose and goose?" you may ask. Back on 2/04/13 Pirate wrote a haiku with an elk in it, and I responded with
one with a moose and then included him every day. A few days later in comments Mystic asked "Where's the goose?"
So I started including her with this post on 2/07. A week later on the 14th, Mark Readfern
asked for and received a spider. The rest is history.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Carpe Diem - Techniques #3


I have to admit that I'm more taken with the idea of repetition within a haiku than I am with the examples given.  Though I am quite pleased with the striking image of this one. 

Full Moon Over Black Lake 7/23/13

the river
the river makes
of the moon 

© Jim Kacian (1996) 


when keeping still
we can still hear the sounds
of still smaller things


in just a moment
such a meaningful moment
with so much moment


in the deep weeds
as goose honks deep low of moose
deep in the weeds


when the flies fly
orb weaver casts her net
for flying flies


[h/t to Mystic]

clouds grace the sky
under the sheltering sky
we gaze up to the sky

 © JzB (2015)


  1. Wonderful way to use repetition JzB ... your first is awesome and for sure my favorite.

  2. You got into the moose and goose thing pretty deep, didn't you?

    Sunrise to Sunrise

  3. still reading
    on this still morning
    morning haiku

    and enjoying your wonderful series :-)

  4. still reading
    on this still morning
    morning haiku

    and enjoying your wonderful series :-)


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