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So I started including her with this post on 2/07. A week later on the 14th, Mark Readfern
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Carpe Diem - Techniques 2 - Onomatapoeia

Visiting CD again after a long haiku hiatus.

Today's assignment is to build a haiku using onomatopoeia.  I have my doubts about the first one, also filled with alliteration and finishing with an unhaiku-like pun.  But it is a vivid image, captures a moment in time, and meets the assignment requirement.  Numbers two and 3 bring back my old friends.

With a little effort, I also got a caesura and first-third line interchangeability in each of them.  It feels pretty good.   You can decide if there's a hint of a deeper meaning.

growling and gnashing
the gnarly ancient guard dog
gathering cur-age


the distant goose honks
counterpoint to lowing moose
in gathering fog


delicate plunking
as fly plucks the spider's web
music to her feet



  1. Imagine! JzB and his enigmatic, onomatopoetic moose, goose and orb-weaver have returned! How blessed we are! ;)

    1. Thanks, Mystic. Great to "see" you.

  2. Good to see you here again JzB .... you were missed. That third verse is really my favorite and it's a real onomatopoeic haiku. Chapeau!

  3. I like the fly plucking the spider's web. But I think i like the tone in the second one best -- cold and lonely yet beautiful.

  4. Missed you. And look at this trio. You been saving up creative juices.

  5. Hi! missed your lovely haiku and glad to see you back ... these are really lovely and fun!

  6. also like the alliteration in the first one

    much love...


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