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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Awhapery In the Garden

Today we have a list of obsolete English language words to chose from, and an invitation to use others, which I have taken advantage of.

Not feeling up to attempting rhyme, or anything long-form, I've chosen to do another shadorma, as befits my dwindled attention span.  But I'm delighted to finally get to use the word "swyve." which has been sitting idle in my vocabulary for decades.


Oh Wasteheart!
Coney-caught again:
Awhaped by
She swyved with a losenger
I’m betrumped!

Here it is translated


Woe is me!
Cheated yet again:
By lover.
She screwed a lying rascal.
And tricked me.

Awhape -- confound
Betrump -- deceive or cheat
Coney-catch -- cheat or deceive
Dowsable -- sweetheart
Losenger -- false flatterer, cad
Swyve -- copulate
Wasteheart -- expression of grief or dismay


  1. Fabulous how you took this and worked it into a Shadorma form.Well played.

  2. Excellent. Quite a few hurdles you jumped there. Perfect landing.

  3. Haha! I like both versions quite a lot. :)

  4. This is freaking delicious. And the fact that you provided a translation made it delicious times two.

  5. This is awesome... a poem and a translation.. quite clever

  6. That's great, giving a translation. I have no clue why but it made me think of Chaucer, lol. Hilarious.

  7. Ha..yes that was funny... and swyve is a great addition.


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