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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tuesday in the Garden of Weirdness

Here, Rommy tells us:

"You all know the drill.  Share a piece of poetry as the spirit moves you, new or an old favorite. "

So here is an old one, one of my demented sonnets from many years ago.  This pastiche was going to be a humorous parody of a well known sonnet, speaking of a relationship gone cold, but instead took a much darker turn, perhaps in keeping with creepy October.


Or not.


Shall I compare thee to a winter's night?
Thou art more lovely in thy pallid chill.
Rough winds shake bare limbs, but thine hold tight,
Ever rigid, rigorous, and still.

Sometimes too cold the evening sky-light glows,
Encircled in a wisp of winter cloud
That with the gray dawn sends the falling snows,
Blankets the earth with its white morning shroud;

But thy eternal winter shall unfold,
Never to thaw thy fast frigidity. 
And rigor shall not lose the mortal hold
That binds thee in frozen rigidity.

Now once again I breathe on thy cold flesh,
And with thy pallid loveliness enmesh.


Some appropriate music


  1. It makes me want to reach for a cup of coffee.

    I really like the fun tone of the piece, and the eerie edge... the implications of all this cold flesh.

  2. This sonnet almost reads as a ghost story but just so much fun!

  3. Oh I love the pastiche aspect of course... but even more I love how you have made this into a ghost story... I want to hear it read to some eerie music

  4. It sounds like something Jack Skellington might whisper to Sally when the moon is just right. Sweetly macabre.

  5. I honestly don't mean this as an awful pun. I thought this was very cool.


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