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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Fussy Garden Form

Today we are exposed to a form that is new to me - the shadorma - a 6 line, syllable-counted haiku derivative.  I love haiku/senryu, as you can see by scrolling through this blog, so I like this ideas.  The first one is just playing with the name; the second is how my day is going; the third is today's weather, and the last is in the haiku spirit, reflecting my affection for the amphibians I find in my yard.

Correction, a day later - this form is not a haiku derivative.  It comes to us from Spain.

it’s not a shadow
nor gray shade
nor color
standing out in black and white
waiting to be read


lonely day
i sit by myself
just writing
scribing thoughts
my lovely wife lies in bed
sick and all alone


falling rain
in early autumn
thick gray clouds
the whole day
night falls and darkness deepens
winter is coming


slow hopping
under the bushes
mottled tones
blending in
hiding from the hawk’s sharp eyes 
a brown speckled toad



  1. Oh I hope the toad will make it...

  2. Oh, I like them all, really love the last one, and that second one gave me a sharp pain in my belly. Well done.

  3. perfect little collection of shadorma

  4. Wonderful shadorma! I fell in love with that last one.

  5. Each one is a small masterpiece; love the last best of all.

  6. blending in hiding from
    the hawk’s sharp eyes

    Survival means to be a few steps ahead or one is done for!


  7. Oh these are great... The first one is my favorite.


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