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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

L.A. Times Crosssword - Wednesday, Oct 4, 2017 C. C. Burnikel

Theme: OLD VINYL.  Each two word entry has the letters L and P as its alpha and omega [so to speak.]  These letters signify a Long Playing phonograph recording - i.e. one with several songs on a side.  More will be explained when we get to the unifier.

17A. *Vodka cocktail often served with a sugared rim : LEMON DROP.  Made with vodka, Triple Sec, simple syrup and fresh lemon juice.  Pucker up.

60A. *Largely bygone penal colony : LABOR CAMP.  A prison camp where hard labor is enforced.

3 D. *Store website feature : LOCATOR MAP.  Here is the locator map for the restaurant where we had a wonderful lunch with some relatives yesterday.

8 D. *Shari Lewis puppet : LAMB CHOP.

30 D. *Totally drunk : LIQUORED UP.  Self-explanatory, and no image needed.

39 D. *Light source with hypnotic bubbles : LAVA LAMP.  Suitable illumination for nudism and getting high in a variety of ways.

And now the unifier -- 26 A. With 49-Across, it keeps repeating itself ... and, based on the first and last letters, an apt description of each answer to a starred clue : BROKEN.

49 A. See 26-Across : RECORD.

So, now we see that the wide split between the L and the P indicates that the RECORD has been BROKEN - but not in the sense of a historic feat of athleticism.  In the old days, back in my yute, a phonograph record that was scratched or broken would catch the play-back stylus and keep repeating the same groove section on the recording surface, groove section on the recording surface, groove section on the recording surface.  Very annoying.  Hence, a person who repeated himself a lot would be compared to a BROKEN RECORD.  

Raising this up a notch, conceptually, is the fact that the unifier itself is broken.  So we have a pinwheel formation of theme fill, that also includes the symmetrically placed two-part unifier.  Very clever and unusual design!

Hi Gang, JazzBumpa on duty.  Let's see where our own hostess and travel guide C. C. takes on this trip.


1. Fancy parties : GALAS.

6. [This is gonna be really bad!] : GULP. Nervous reaction, not a drink - though that also might help.

10. OutKast rapper Big __ : BOI.  No idea.

13. Hi in Hawaii : ALOHA.  Island greeting.  Cuter clue would have been Hi, but not high, in HI.

14. Senior golfer Aoki : ISAO.  [b 1942] He was elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2004.

15. Lends support to : AIDS.

16. Likely to speak out : VOCAL.  A band arrangement to accompany a singer is also called a VOCAL.

19. Text update from an Uber driver: Abbr. : ETAEstimated Time of Arrival.  Not just for air ports any more.

20. Trippy '60s drug : LSD.   Lysergic Acid Diethyl Amid.   Never tried it.   Then again, I never owned a LAVA LAMP.

22. Milked for all it's worth : BLED DRY.   All used up.

23. Mai __: rum drinks : TAIS.  For SIPS, not GULPS.

25. Post-CrossFit woes : ACHES.  Exercisers' pains

28. "__-ching!" : CHA.  Expression of triumph.

29. Down with the flu : ILL.  Five days of misery.

32. NFLer again in 2016 : L.A. RAM.  The RAMS started in Cleveland in 1936, moved to L. A. in 1946, to St. Louis in 1995, then back to L.A. in 2016.  Goats do roam.

33. Early American furniture style : COLONIAL.

36. Casino cash source : ATMAutomatic Teller Machine.   Why is this never paired with an Automatic Penn Machine?

37. Oft-injured knee part, for short : ACL.   The Anterior Cruciate Ligament runs diagonally in the middle of the knee. It prevents the tibia from sliding out in front of the femur, as well as provides rotational stability to the knee.

40. Bit of texting tact : PLS.  Please, I assume.

41. Sine __ non : QUA.  An essential condition, something that is absolutely necessary.

42. Interest-arousing promo : TEASER AD.

45. More accurate : TRUER.  Some things are clearly true or false.  Others have 50 shades of grey.

47. Mud bath offerer : SPA.   For people.  STY for swine.

48. Night before : EVE.  Where was Adam the nighh before?

50. Burton of "Star Trek: TNG" : LEVAR.

52. Wild swine : BOAR.   It might take a mud bath.  Or just be dull and tedious.

53. Win out : PREVAIL.  Overcome.

56. Tiny drink : SIP.  Less than a GULP.

57. Go wrong : ERR.  It's only human.

The CD I listen while working out.

62. "Paper Moon" girl : ADDIE.  Played by Tatum O'Neal, with a cameo by her dad.

64. Notable times : ERAS.

65. Mideast dignitary : EMIR.   Military commander or local chief.

66. Brownish gray : TAUPE.    Hard to describe, but easy to use.

67. Susan of "L.A. Law" : DEY.

68. Fix, as a feline : SPAY.   Neutering process.

69. Promoted heavily : HYPED.


1. Conceded, with "up" : GAVE.  Threw in the towel.

2. Tons : A LOT.  Mucho.

4. "I thought so!" : AHA!   Caught you red-handed!

5. Education financing company, familiarly : SALLIE MAE.   SLM Corp, orignally Student Loan Marketing Association.

6. Coat, as jewelry : GILD.  Cover with a thin layer of gold.  My King 2B has a sterling silver bell section with a gilt inner surface.

My most prized possession

7. Put in the game : USE.

9. Place for a break? : POOL HALL.  Clever!  Each game of pool starts with an initial shot at the pool balls arrayed in a particular way.  This shot breaks up the cluster.

10. Dove or robin : BIRD.  Flighty critters.

11. Campfire attraction : ODOR.  The aroma of burning wood.

12. Kids' game for car trips : I SPY.  Do you see what I see?

15. Includes : ADDS IN.

18. Maiden name intro : NEE.  From French, referring to the family name with which the bride was born.

21. Nine-digit ID : SSNSocial Security Number.   Guard yours from identity thieves.

24. Wanted poster letters : AKAAlso Known As - referring to an alias.

25. Duke's conf. : ACCAtlantic Coast Conference.

26. Cry from a sheep : BLAT.  Or the sound of a bad trombonist.  Not that I would know anything about it.

27. Motel postings : RATES.  Charges for staying, by the night or by the hour.

31. "Today" co-host Matt : LAUER.

34. Manipulative health care practitioner : OSTEOPATH.  Chiropractor doesn't fit.

35. Pie crust fat : LARD.   Pig fat.

38. Mountain climber's piton spots : CREVICES.  Narrow openings or fissures in the rock face.

43. Artillery bursts : SALVOS.  Simultaneous discharge from several weapons.

44. Essen article : DER.  "The" in German. This is the masculine form, since all German nouns have gender.

46. Electronics giant : RCA.  Originally Radio Corporation of America.

49. Hitter's stat : RBIRuns Batted In.  We knew there had to be some baseball.  Congrats to the Twins for getting into the play-offs.  The Tigers are in for a long, dark tea time of the soul.

51. Sound-detecting organ : EAR.  Listen up.

53. Claimed in court : PLED.   To PLEAD or make a PLEA is to issue a formal statement by or on behalf of a defendant, stating guilt or innocence in response to a charge or allegation.

54. Hard to find : RARE.

55. "Buy It Now" site : EBAY.  On line auction site that offers an opportunity to bypass the competitive bidding process and purchase an item for a set price.  Ya pays yer money, ya takes yer chances.

56. Agile : SPRY.   Energetic or active.  Almost always said of older people, if it is is unexpected.

58. Like orange or red persimmons : RIPE.  Interested readers can learn about these exotic fruits here.

59. Marsh plant : REED.  A grass species that grows 5 to 15 feet tall.  Not to be confused with an oboe, which is about 25 1/2 inches long.

61. Athletes for Hope co-founder Hamm : MIA. [b 1972] Mariel Margaret Hamm- Garciaparra is a retired U.S. soccer player who won Olympic gold twice and is a two time FIFA Women's World Cup Champion.  The mission of Athletes for Hope is "To educate, encourage and assist athletes in their efforts to contribute to community and charitable causes, to increase public awareness of those efforts, and to inspire others to do the same."

63. Calendar square : DAY

That wraps up another Wenesday.  Hope y'all had a fine time.

Cool regards!

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