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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

dVerse Tuesday Gardening

Should I apologize for standing this Hope prompt on its head?

Well, I too have been thinking a lot about the world lately.  It seems that everything is going sour - from killer wild fires and hurricanes to killers and idiots and megalomaniacs running the world - into the ground; which is a strange way of putting it.

Anyway, my verses have taken a sad and lonely turn of late - thankfully, not reflecting my conditions in real life.

So here is a Quadrille.

           Hope On The Strand

I met her on the strand
Told her my name
She said hers was Hope
We talked then hid away and did some things

My mistake to fall in love so easily
Since she soon sailed away
Now I walk the strand alone



  1. This is very sad, but very good. I love the way you worded this:

    "We talked then hid away and did some things"

    I think this is the first one I've read using "Hope" as a name. Great idea!


  2. Super clever. A nice twist on the word.

  3. From Hope to Hopeless. Sigh. Journey on, my friend......more hope on the horizon than you can ever imagine. Smiles.

  4. There is certainly a thin line between hope and hopelessness.. we must strive to hold on. Beautifully penned.

  5. The transition from hope to hopelessness seems to have a lot to do with our expectations. Well said.

  6. Another twist on hopeless... what a wonderful wordplay in this. After your intro I started to think about Hope Hicks.

  7. Nice poem of finding and losing Hope.

  8. Sometimes, we are without hope, especially after losing love.

  9. Sometimes, we are without hope, especially after losing love.

  10. Well, hope the memories bring some consolation.

  11. Now I walk the strand alone

    'You win some and lose some' that's what they say. But it affords us loads of experience for another day!


  12. Sad but good. Thanks for sharing.


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