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Friday, October 27, 2017

Images in the Garden

The challenge is to write a poem in any style matched to one or more images.   Simple as that.

I'm short on time this week - playing Sibelius's 2nd Symphony this evening - and, of course, a day late.  So one short simple verse.

fox on an island
in shimmering images
thinking of rabbits


Afterthought: I like it even better with 1st and 3rd lines reversed.


  1. I like this image too...and your words arranged either way

  2. I'm glad someone wrote to this sweet image - yes, he does appear to be longing for something... Hope your Symphony went well.

  3. I'm sure it would love to see a bunny hop.

  4. I think you have entered the fox's mind.. good one.

  5. I liked it both ways....hope the rabbit stayed away from the fox.


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