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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction

UPDATE 10/09 -- And, Behind the Curtain Flash Fiction Contest.  Scroll past the story and the FSF Badge, below the fold

This week marks the first anniversary of FSF, and Lilly invites us to chose any word from the past year's prompts. I chose --


Now that she is naked, I can she how different she is, with her over-long, lithe limbs and a narrow waistline that would be impossible on a human girl.

But everything important is there, in the right place, and wonderfully functional; it's the extra things that make her so - not just different, but special.

Her wings flutter as she hovers so close above me, her slender hips undulating in an exquisite defiance of gravity.

Yes, now I am so close, as her face leans into mine; eyes the green of spring grass, long narrow nose, delicate elven ears, thin lips in a conquering smile - and her teeth, glistening white, pointed, sharp.

Oh, sweet Jesus, so very, very sharp .  .  .

Link to FSF Central

Lillie McFerrin

UPDATE:  While reading other FSF stories, at Anonymous Legacy I discovered a flash fiction contest sponsored by Anna Meade at Yearning for Wonderland 

The rules state: No erotica - seduction and sex is fine, but graphic descriptions should not be the focus of the story.  This story is borderline by that standard, and which side of the line it falls is a judgment call.  But I'll risk it -- why not?   I think it's dark enough.


  1. Well... you just a lucky fellow to have met her, myself have been looking for ages... A lovely post beautifully celebrating #5SF birthday! :)

  2. Ha, yikes, sharp indeed. Great descriptions though, very visual, very clear - nice job!


  3. Aha, it is not only my FSF taht ventures into dark corners! Quite the diabolical little faerie we have here, and I enjoyed it very much! :)

  4. A beautifully crafted description and that sting at the end ... loved it!

  5. A beuatiful thing until she opens her mouth. Very vivid. I thoroughly enjoyed this one...

  6. Nice from far but far from nice, are the words that popped into my head.
    ... and those were probably the very last words he uttered... ?

  7. Thanks for the comments.

    I see this going one of three different ways.

    1) In the throws of passion she inflicts a severe love bite.
    2) She leaves highly visible tooth marks for some fell (or perhaps some unconscious instinctive) purpose of her own.
    3) Having reduced hm to a position of complete vulnerability, she eats his face or pierces his jugular vein, causing irreparable and possibly fatal damage.

    It seems that 1 and 2 are not mutually exclusive, while 3 is rather a different story.

    My gut feeling is that he survives.


  8. Oh! She may be sexy, but she sound dangerous. NIcely done! :)

  9. This is extra appropriate, since anyone will tell you I usually run faery contests. I enjoyed the lean language and mileage you got from just 5 sentences. Thanks for entering!

  10. Loved it as FSF and Behind the Curtain! The seduction of a faery...dangerous!

  11. Loved it! My favourite was the line at the end, "oh sweet Jesus, so very, very sharp." Wicked fun! :)

  12. Yay! Fairy flash fiction! Beautiful and alluring--I loved it : )

  13. Beautiful flash fiction story with a very dark ending. I really enjoyed the descriptiveness. :) It's the image I have in my mind of fairies - enchanting but dangerous.

  14. Very nice. I missed this a couple of weeks ago but I'm so glad I found it now. CC mentioned sexy AND dangerous and I couldn't agree more. What a very tempting combination!


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