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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Carpe Diem #242, ambition

It occurs to me that a lot of what I write is not really haiku.  Perhaps not even senryu, either - often just words arranged in quasi-haiku form.  Occasionally, I hit the mark, and I cherish those moments.  Mostly I write what resonates at some level, or possibly just amuses me.  I don't have the ambition [read: dedication] to become a great or world-renowned haijin.  But I do have the ambition to continuously improve my craft, in the hope that some small fraction of it might reach the level of art.

always improving
in both music and haiku 
there's more to explore


simple ambition
to create one perfect form
orb weaver's life work


Carpe Diem #242


  1. Awesome ... with that second haiku you have gained your ambition ... that's really a wonderful haiku with a great imagery and spiritual depth.

    1. Thank you, Kristjaan. You are very kind.

      Often my spider haiku seem to me to be the purest, which is quite ironic because spiders really creep me out.


  2. noble ambition - to be better

  3. I adore the second haiku. The spider and web can have many meanings so you have much depth there even if it's not something you see for yourself. You did it JzB!

  4. Your spider haiku today is a masterpiece.


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