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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Carpe Diem #243, tribulation

parking lot morning
tires slashed paint job key-marred 
feces on the hood

Our oldest granddaughter is attending the Cecchetti Ballet Council of America Summer Intensive program at Hope College in the sleepy Calvinist town of Holland, tucked snugly into Michigan's Bible Belt.  Her mother is working at this program as head councilor.  As you can imagine, there are lots of drama possibilities with about 200 close-packed teenage girls on site.

But what greeted her this morning is described above in what might or might not be a haiku.  According to the police, it's gang-related vandalism.  That this happened in Holland and not the Detroit metroplex where we live is a bitter irony.

When Jane Reichhold advised us to be alert for the haiku moments in life, this is probably not what she had in mind.

Carpe Diem #243


  1. Sorry to hear the 'tribulations' in Holland ~ Wishing a much better happening ~ quite the haiku.

  2. Stay safe, and this is often how it happens--trouble comes unlooked for.

  3. Am so very sorry to hear this. Our news just showed two teen girls were responsible for arson in our town on several occasions. Sometimes it's a scary, sad world. Good to write about it. Therapeutic haiku ♥

  4. Sorry to hear that, but yoy have caught it so well in this haiku with a kind of humor ... like the English people.

  5. Probably not...but it's a moment you will never forget, now immortalised in words. Hope this mess gets cleaned up and the culprits are apprehended!

    5 a.m. Tribulation

  6. .. I think a haiku moment helped a little --- but really bad when things like this happens.

  7. This is an awful incident. What would moose and goose do?

    1. a deeply philosophical question
      i'm pretty sure I don't know the answer


  8. So very sad,JzB. I hope it gets sorted out quickly and that the trauma recedes for your granddaughter especially!

    1. Actually Amanda was able to be a calming influence on her mom.



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