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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Carpe Diem Special #46, Jane Reichhold's "forgotten brook"

Picture Source and Info

Inspirational haiku by Jane Reichhold

forgotten brook
running the centuries down
locked in rock


does it contain a seasonal word
does it capture a moment in time
does it show or tell
is it successful
what then of rules


my inspirations

~ 1 ~

ancient coral reef
lost across many eons
now petoskey stones

~ 2 ~

in just this moment
water flow etches the rock
a little deeper

~ 3 ~

fast flowing brook
old man peers intently
sees no reflection

~ 4 ~

deep forest river
salmon jumps the rapids
into a bear's paw

~ 5 ~

ancient fencepost
amid ragweed and teasel
spider's foundation


Carpe Diem Special #46


  1. These are wonderful. #2 is exquisite and each one paints a beautiful image. I can see the salmon jumping into the bear's paw. I love the ragweed and teasel. The word teasel is new to me. I must go look it up, but for now it's fun to say...teasel. :P

    I like your checklist of "rules." I call them guidelines.

  2. and petoskey stones is new to me too but if it's what's in the picture I say beautiful! I learned two new things. Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Lolly.

      Yep, that's a petoskey stone. It has to be polished to show off its beauty.


  3. I am so jealous! I could not focus on this prompt long enough to write one poem and look at what you did! #4 and 5 are so vividly described, I almost feel like I saw the moment you described! Bravo!

    1. Thanks, Wabi.

      There are prompts that elude me as well.

      I wait and hope the next one fits better with me.


  4. What I see in "forgotten brook" is a group of related but different sets of ideas set in tension: the ephemeral vs the eternal, the moment vs geological time and the dynamic vs the static. That is what I have tried to capture here.


  5. Oh my ... 5 whew!!! #3 and #4 are my favorites, but they all are delightful inspirations. Thank you!!


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