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Friday, July 5, 2013

Carpe Diem's Freestyle #1

For today's freestyle entry I'm writing a troika based on a slight modification of my lead verse from yesterday.  By popular demand, the old man makes an appearance that is expressed, not implied.

The menagerie are on assignment at the Tan Renga today.

The Sleigh:

old man's affection
wife children grandchildren
all in different ways


Horse 1:

old man's affection
still love in his touch with
a cooler passion

Horse 2:

wife children grandchildren
not perfect but loving across
three generations

Horse 3:

all in different ways
we haijin say with verses
what is in our hearts


Carpe Diem's Freestyle #1


  1. This is a splendid way of using troiku - with the element of time involved. A very good idea..

  2. if this is personal, and I believe it is, you are a very fortunate man! well-done

  3. yes, joanne, i am very blessed.

  4. But I'm shocked to discover that YOU are the old man! I love these! It is so wonderful to be surrounded by so much affection.Tanka Whirl

  5. Wonderful troika, JzB! Must see what moose and goose are up to. Haven't gotten that far yet.

  6. So loving and expressive haiku ~ and creative ~ Happy Weekend and thanks for 'visiting' and yes how are moose and goose??? ~

    Good to 'see you' again ~ ^_^

  7. My favorites are the first two. But all of them are wonderful for feeling all that affection. Images of a contented, happy life. Lovely. And I enjoyed that glimpse of the moose and the goose. :)

  8. Awesome JzB ... you're one of the first contributors of Carpe Diem who's writing a Troiku. Thanks.

  9. This is a great troiku. I have yet to write one, but yours is great and spoken from your heart I think


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