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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction

Last week I was happy to get a prompt that allowed me to continue a story that wouldn't let me go.  This week, I have the same good fortune with the other story that stayed with me.


Not often - once in two or three months - I'll encounter a man who has the mark.

As our eyes meet, his hand goes up to his cheek, and I find myself mimicking the motion; then, knowing, he turns and hurries off.

Some of these men must be married - what stories do they tell their wives?

[I don't have that problem - Marci is just an occasional girl friend, with her own dark, unexplained secrets.]

Two or three months - that's how long the mark lasts from those pointy, piercing teeth, and as it fades the yearning gets stronger, deeper, more urgent for another tryst with my inhuman paramour.

Update, 10/18, just before midnight:  Since first posting, I've made a couple of slight editorial changes so that it will be clear [I hope] that Marci is the protagonist's occasional human lover, and not the antecedent of the final sentence.

Update II, 11/19, mid afternoon:


Behold all of our greatest achievements.

Bask in the aural glory of our symphonies.

Delight your eyes with visions of our art, architecture and sculpture.

Gaze in wonder at the sophistication of our technical accomplishments.

Every bit of it is the work of human hands.

Lillie McFerrin


  1. Marci does sound very compelling. This is a great follow-up to the original.

  2. Andrew - thank you for the encouraging comments.

    As a point of clarification, Marci (not necessarily the Marci of last week's story line) is the protagonist's occasional human lover, not the compelling fairie that he is obsessed with.


  3. That was good stuff. I really liked the shared shame between the men. Like an addiction.



  4. So attractive... She is a choice morsel, I'm sure... A beautiful tale, frightening :)

  5. An intriguing tale. I enjoyed it very much!

  6. Nice photo that you included. Adds something to the story, which is intriguing anyway. I never saw faeries in quite this way before.

  7. Truly intriguing story and characters. Nicely done :)

  8. This is really sinister... well done.

  9. Two for the price of one, and I enjoyed both! Like Wayne, I thought the shared shame was really well put over!

  10. Marci with her own dark, unexplained secrets sounds as intriguing as the other characters - maybe at some point the prompt will allow you to elaborate on her story?


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