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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Sunday Whirl - Wordle 79

Taking a cue from Mystic*, I've decided to use each of this week's wordle words in a haiku, and start each haiku with a phrase extracted from a poem.  The poem I've selected is one of my own original sonnets (all rights reserved.)  Thus, a restrictive form based on restrictive inputs.  I think the results seem not only solipsistic, but a bit forced - and perhaps that is the point.

Thirteen Wordle-based Haiku

Force of destiny:
All the universe condensed
in a single FERN.

There are those whose lives
Have simply HAPPENED. Have they
no living Purpose?

Two curves in perfect
Alignment - goblets in my
Cocktail CABINET.

Their closed circumference:
Is it their SHELTER from harm,
Or are they hermits?

In each cycle once,
Then fasten the next widget;
My JOB is my life.

Born a decade late
For my destiny - now what

The distant echo
Of an unseen FACE - and now
Who would take her place?

Who will be the one
This Halloween to bring me
My Circus PEANUTS?

If in the vast span
Of time we might meet, would it
Be in a CAFE?

The farthest corner
Would not seem so far if you
Would just be my GUIDE.

Choice and fate converge.
You are the apex. But can
You HANDLE this truth?

Meant to be entwined,
We FACE life's vagaries armed
Only with our love.

Love's sweet spiral bind
is built not just of spirit,
But our STURDY limbs.


  1. You're the only one I know of who's been brave enough to try what I do week by week with the Wordle words. Bravo!

  2. I'd say you rose to the occasion and did as well as the teacher in this case. Nice collection.



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