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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Carpe Diem #192, The Chariot (VII) Tarot

I guess some of you missed my humble offerings.  I am grateful and humbled by your consideration.  Sometimes life intervenes. I've had an over-full plate lately, and probably will for a few more weeks.  I'll participate when I can.  Thanks again for all your kind encouragement.  Carpe Diem is a great and supportive community.


 ~ 1 ~

if god's the driver
the chariot can swing low
and carry me home

~ 2 ~

your quest for wisdom
learn those difficult lessons
if you have the will

~ 3 ~
the charioteer
finds another universe
if string theory holds

~ 4 ~

brown moose and white goose
if they pull this chariot
which way would it go

~ 5 ~

is there a spider
among the arcane emblems
on the soldier's kilt

~ 6 ~
UPDATE - H/T to Cathy

the chariot soars
across possibilities
what a wild ride


Carpe Diem #192


  1. and poetry! #3 is my favorite today. Hope your load lightens soon. Peace.

  2. Does the spider know string theory? Feel some heaviness in your writing. Hope all is okay.

  3. I hope life settles down for you soon JzB. Keep smiling :)

  4. Does the spider know string theory?

    That is brilliant!

    Heaviness - hmmm. I'll have to think about that.

    We're dealing with some stuff, but it's basically just life, and a confluence of too many personal and family responsibilities. It will pass.


  5. Beautiful post JzB, I like the way how you've used our prompt 'The Chariot' today ... with a soft kind of humor. I like that second one.

  6. No, but there might be a spider under the kilt...


  7. Moose and goose ~ always a question for all 'where will they go' ~ Life is good and enjoy ~ enjoy your haiku and welcome it anytime ~ I found I had to 'take time' out to 'live' ~ Wishing you a wonderful weekend ^_^

    Thanks for visiting .

  8. Love include sweet chariot.. great one... and as for white moose.. your have to be aware that there is a part of Sweden with white mooses.

  9. that song mad me a little sad while thinking that kids today probably never heard those old South songs....


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