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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Carpe Diem #194, Strength (VIII) Tarot

We had a fine day.  Took my mom, my sister, and my lovely wife to lunch.  It's 150 mile round trip to see my mom.  Later, we had dinner at my step-son's house, and got to spend some time with three of our granddaughters.  It was all good, but I'm tired, and moose, goose and spider get a day off.  [To be completely honest, I don't know how to work them into today's prompt.]   Now, down to the little bit of business I can handle tonight.

 ~ 1 ~

blooms lion woman
together they symbolize
infinite strength

~ 2 ~

mary the maligned
early christian polemic
slanders jesus' friend


Carpe Diem #194


  1. It's okay to give your fine friends the day off. More important to spend time with your mom. Nice haiku.

  2. moose, goose, and spider
    gathering strength
    for next day's haiku

  3. Deep thoughts today. Sounds like a lovely albeit tiring day of family. Grandbabies are awesome!

  4. Glad you gave your friends and yourself a respite! 150 miles ~ lots of driving ~ lovely haiku for strength ~ enjoy the week ~ ^_^

  5. Good to let the moose a day of.

    Love the first one

  6. Poet spends the day
    with a gaggle of women
    too pooped to write

  7. As always a wonderful post with little gems. Thank you.


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