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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Carpe Diem Special #36, Kyoshi Takahama's 'Spring Breeze!'

Today's prompt reminded me that when I was a little kid, we had a 78 RPM RCA Victor Victrola, like this one.

Because this was one of my mom's phonograph records.  Her birthday is next Thursday.  She'll be 92, and she's still going strong.

inspirational haiku

Spring breeze !

on the hill I firmly stand
with the great resolve

difficult for me to wrap my head around
 this is the best i could do

~ 1 ~

when the wayward wind
wafts in tempting from the west
who yearns to wander

~ 2 ~

the mountain stands
with great stony resolve
in time the breeze wins

~ 3 ~

when the breeze blows
the old trombonist listens
and understands

~ 4 ~

in the spring breeze
cherry blossoms flutter down
splendor in the pink

~ 5 ~

in the spring breeze
goose soars like an eagle
moose has hay fever

~ 6 ~

what orb weaver knows
about the springtime breezes
mayfly never learns too late


Carpe Diem Special #36


  1. moving mountains
    a granite resolve broken
    by a spring wind

    : ) Love your work!

  2. Thanks!

    Lolly, your response haiku is terrific.


  3. Lovely stroll through your splendor...ah yes. west wind is calling me. Your thought on the trombonist is quirky but also thought provoking. Nice!

  4. Wonderfully composed series JzB. I definitly like them all.

  5. Your second one is defintely my fav


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